Representative Guzzardi responds to our posts about retired teachers who are too old to receive Medicare.


State Representative Will Guzzardi.

A few weeks ago I forwarded to my State Representative Will Guzzardi articles about the cases of 500 retired teachers in Illinois who, like Ms Jeri Shanahan, are retired and who are not Medicare eligible. According to the law she doesn’t qualify for Medicare because she retired too many years ago.

Both of the two state teacher unions have been unresponsive to the situation of these former teachers and union members.

It is, in my opinion, a scandal.

Today I received the following from Representative Guzzardi:

Hey there Fred,

Thanks for sending this along. I’ve seen you post about it in the past but frankly never took the time to read it and understand it fully. Now that I have, I see why you’ve continued to write about all this. I’ll talk to Rep McDermed when we’re back in session next January — if she’s going to re-introduce her bill on this issue, I’ll sign on as chief co-sponsor; if not, I’ll introduce it myself.

Good to hear from you, and hope you guys are enjoying your summer.

Talk soon,


6 Replies to “Representative Guzzardi responds to our posts about retired teachers who are too old to receive Medicare.”

  1. Thank you, Rep. Guzzardi, for caring about ordinary people, and especially about this passed over group of educators. After serving the children, youth, and families of Illinois, they deserve an equitable helthcare arrangement.

  2. Will is our “Mr. Smith” who goes to Springfield. Thank you, Rep. Guzzardi!

    One day, he’ll be our “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”
    Can’t wait for that day (but, for now, we need him here).

  3. While Representative Guzzardi should receive appreciation and support if and when a bill is introduced, we should not lose sight of the fact that this is not about Representative Guzzardi, but about the 500 retirees who are being screwed.

  4. I sent letters to my state senator a few days after the article in the paper. I enclosed that article as well as Fred’s blog with my letter asking her to look into this injustice.

  5. Although, care has been communicated, but waiting until January is puzzling. 500 people who are too old for Medicare, need and needed something done years ago. Finally, a receptive person, not so fast, wait until January…and wait if it can go through the political process.
    What about 500, too old, most likely need lots of medical care, running out of time, he does not get? Is this planned ignoring until the numbers dwindle?
    Nice work Fred!

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