One Reply to “My conversation about Chicago and schools starts at 2 hours into the Rick Smith radio show.”

  1. Converting pubic schools into money makers for a few well-connected via the charter school route is criminal. Basta!!! There is no justifiable reason for the existence of this politically-created education abortion that we call “charter school.” How Al Shanker, respected president of the American Federation of Teachers more than twenty years ago, ever got snookered into supporting this charter school bullshit in the first place is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps, poor Al simply had some misplaced faith in Bill Clinton.

    The excuse, if one really exists for Obama’s and both Clintons’ support for charters, is their sheer educational amateurism wrapped in neoliberal ideology. Their support for charters and wealthy charter operators is criminal, especially in light of the truly dismal performances of charters relative to exaggerated claims and promises made years ago by charter proponents. Pulling the plug on charters across the nation is not only in order, but long overdue. The sooner, the better before more billions of precious educational dollars are poured down the charter school rathole! What is it Mr. President and presidential candidate Clinton that you don’t understand?

    Bullshit quite literally created charters; and bullshit quite literally maintains their existence. The crux of the problem is that this charter bullshit is costing the nation billions of dollars while robbing all our children of a decent education. What kind of a nation are we that would do such a thing? There is no enlightened country on the face of this Earth that would waste a penny, let alone billions on a proven failure like charters especially when it robs all children, the country’s future, of a great education. The U.S. of A. ceased to be a enlightened nation when we, citizens of the “greatest country on Earth,” permitted so-called “education reformers” in alliance with greedy types like the Rauners, Pritzkers, and Ken Griffins to create and then perpetuate the obvious charter school bullshit. Enough!!! Basta!!!

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