3 Replies to “Trump’s immigration plan.”

  1. This clown with the orange hair, chubby, salmon-pink cheeks, outrageous, contradictory, and dangerous verbiage that comes from the hole between his chin and his nose is nothing but a media creation. He manages to suck all the air in the 24-hour news cycle because the folks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the rest of our illustrious media allow it to happen. They created him. All we get is around-the-clock, uncritical coverage of this guy who has the strong potential to destroy all of civilization. That’s no exaggeration!!!

    Keep it up folks at our media outlets for the “yuge” quarterly profits you’ll reap between today and December due to the Frankenstein monster that the Republican Party spawned and you have created. Take pride in trotting out this creature, your creature, and his retrograde running mate on a daily basis during your 24-hour freak show. The two of them are so entertaining and profitable, aren’t they? Enjoy those profits and the entertainment now. If, through your enormous help with the free publicity that you’re giving him, he winds up in the White House, those profits that he made for you in the last quarter of 2016 could be your last forever…

    Remember that this clown with the orange hair, chubby, salmon-pink cheeks, outrageous, contradictory, dangerous verbiage, and Cluster B personality disorder will have access to the nuclear codes. Mitt Romney’s “47%” remark recorded with an iPhone was the final nail in the coffin for his presidential bid. It was just a simple video recording. This clown with the orange hair has outdone Romney a thousand-fold and his campaign should have been in the toilet eons ago, yet he’s not doing badly in the polls. BY THE WAY, WHERE ARE HIS TAX RETURNS???

    This orange-haired Frankenstein is within striking distance of the White House! WHERE ARE HIS TAX RETURNS? What will it take between now and November for him to have his “47%” moment so that our country will have once again dodged a bullet? This time the bullet will have a nuclear tip…

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