Where’s Hillary? Or, using up the clock in the second quarter of the game.


I’m one of those over sixty people who still watch the nightly network news. You can tell the demographic by the number of adult diaper and drug ads there are.

Last night Donald Trump was the story on the NBC news for the first ten minutes. It wasn’t all favorable coverage, but it was all Trump. His issues drive this presidential campaign. Good, bad or indifferent.

Hillary is invisible. No press conferences. No questions from the press at all. It is all about fundraising from her billionaire Wall Street pals. If she took questions it would be about emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Her handlers have decided it is better for her to be silent.

This is what our political system has produced. The two worst presidential candidates one can imagine. Have there been two candidates so distrusted and so disliked by the American people?

We have two political parties in crisis. It is obvious on the Republican side. But the collateral damage to the Democratic Party by the Sanders challenge remains. Bernie exposed the deep divide that has existed for years. The Democrats are in crisis as well.

It would seem obvious that Hillary would run against the Republicans. Instead she courts them. She makes no reference to the Obama presidency. There is no discussion of George Bush and the War in Iraq or the Wall Street collapse or the loss of 800,000 jobs a month eight years ago.

That would require HRC to criticize the neocons, warmongers and the Wall Street crowd that Trump has chased away and have found a home in her campaign.

Her handlers have her in hiding. They hope to run out the clock.

In basketball you can do that in the final quarter with two minutes to go and a double digit lead.

Hillary’s lead has been cut in half this week and we are still in the second quarter.

Maybe it will work.

It says a lot about the political system if it does.

10 Replies to “Where’s Hillary? Or, using up the clock in the second quarter of the game.”

  1. She’s out there Fred. Apparently her speeches given in the last few days are too mundane for the media to cover: raising Vet benefits, dealing with big Pharma and dispicible drug cost hikes and an overhaul of our mental health system.
    If its not the Clinton Foundation or emails the media remains silent.

  2. I watch them too sometimes.CBS has a catchy new opening……but I suspect I am their youngest viewer….any way with Trump imploding….it will probably work. Also the right has gone so hysterical that no one noticed that she told the FBI her health was questionable…..I agree with Bill Krystol for the first time ever…He said Bernie would have on by 20 points.Hillary will be 8. Enough for a win and 53 in the Senate a near tie in the house and 2 more in the Illinois house….but not enough to be forced to deliver a real agenda and sadly….I think that is exactly what the D establishment wants.

  3. Hi Fred, Some newstations are reporting that she is about to be endorsed by Henry Kissinger and George Schultz. I almost needed anti-nausea medication… Safe travels home, Harriet

  4. She bragged about Henry the K in the debates, Freds blog and art was Hillarious. President Hillarious and friends….My big fear is she or whomever is running things stink so badly it allows the zombie gop to rise up and Skelator of Illinois gets re elected

  5. I turn on the “news” to hear the weather. Every channel, all day, it is Trump. No wonder he does not have to pay for air time. It is given free by all media channels. When he got the nomination, the pundits congratulated the media for creating a monster. The media ignored these words and continue to grow the monster by constant coverage of – well, nothing. He has nothing to say. But they give you heads up on tomorrow’s Trump speeches. Insane. God help the planet if he is ever elected to anything.

  6. Very clever illustration & spot-on post. All around, an unbelievably awful election cycle–from the primaries through–I’m certain–the election date.
    I try to watch msm news–I simply turn the sound off & read during Trump’s ravings–to view other (sometimes–most of the news is DT) stories. Watch The Weather Channel to check on storms, etc.
    Best show(s) to watch news? Democracy Now! on Ch 20, WYCC, 12-1 AM
    (one can always watch it on their website at any time of day) & Redacted Tonight! (on LA 103-Comcast) Fridays, 7 PM, 10 PM, & Sat. 1:30 AM &, I think, 5:30 PM (again, though, can be watched on YouTube–go to Redacted Tonight–at any time). Best.show.ever! Lee Camp is a hoot. Did any of Fred’s readers see him live last weekend? If so, report, please!

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