4 Replies to “Money for cops. Not teachers.”

  1. Fred,
    Selective news listening again.
    Hear what you want, not what is said.

    Currently paying $116,000,000 for overtime for cops.
    It’s a lot of $. If a new cop is paid $65,000 all in that overtime would pay for almost 1,800 new cops.
    So it leaves room for 1,000 cops and still paying some overtime.

    Wrong again Fred.

  2. Wrong, Anon. Cops are overwhelmingly male. They will not only get the money for poss. more cops but also a nice raise in their contract. Teachers are overwhelmingly female. No problem cramming children into a classroom. No overtime PAY for teachers. Not only no raise for teachers but it will be a net decrease every year from CPS. And don’t forget the money lost in the last few years with furlough days, no contractual raise when promised, no lane/step last year, etc. Nope. The women hater knows where he wants to put his money

  3. When necessary, there’s money available, isn’t there? Remember Gov. Pat “The Reformer” Quinn’s promise to Juan Rangel and UNO charter schools for $98,000,000 of which Juan & Co. received $62,000,000 before the spotlight was put on both “the Reformer” and Juan? What a luxury when the State’s “broke,” especially for a corrupt so-and-so like Juan???!!! Ahhh… priorities, priorities! Politicians are always playing games with money. Disgusting, isn’t it, Bruce and *Tyrone?

    (*Tyrone Fahner of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club and his web page “Illinois is broke!”)

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