4 Replies to “Standing Rock. #NoDAP.”

  1. How embarrassing for Obama that he now has to pay the piper….the entire world now sees him kneeling to his corporate bosses and allow the pipeline and TPP to go through.

    1. Agree–is this to be his “legacy?”
      That, & the near-total destruction of the American public school system.

  2. When the settlers came to America they did not like the Natives, the original inhabitants of the land, living in the new pristine area the settlers had supposedly “discovered”. So the settlers marched the Natives (often referred to as savages) westward on the “Trail of Tears”. The Natives survived for nearly three hundred years, often under terrible conditions. This government tweeked out a few crumbs for them along the way. Now that today’s corporatists have found possible mega profits in the land that the Natives were forced to retreat to, the Natives must once again endure forced ways and interruptions to their way of life. Thankfully the internet is exposing the American government’s unfairness to the world.

  3. Once again the shortsightedness of the greedy will lead to destruction if we as a nation do not stand up and say “No”. Complacency is not an option. Why, in this fragile world, would we stand by and allow our source of life to be contaminated? In a few years we won’t even need large quantities of oil, especially if scientists, engineers and technologists continue to develop alternate energy sources. Why are we repeating our past errors towards Native Americans and towards ANYONE who wishes to have clean water?
    Stand with our human family at Standing Rock and vote NO DAP.

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