Ken Previti. What does North Dakota have to do with public school children, veterans with PTSD, and more?


-By Ken Previti. My friend Ken blogs at Reclaim Reform.

What is American racism in 2016?

Imagine white men and women being attacked by dark skinned multinational mercenaries with savage dogs trained to mutilate and kill. The police do nothing to stop them. Neither does the federal government.

That would not happen to white people today.

Or could it?

Attack dogs and paid mercenaries were used against union members and those forming unions in the past.

What makes anyone think that this could not happen during a teachers strike in Chicago?

Or a Walmart strike in Georgia?

Or activists in the State of Washington?

If this insanity is allowed to continue as one minority is selected at one event, what makes any of us believe in “liberty and justice for all”?

One minority at a time. One cause or event at a time.

We are human beings. We are all in this together. Our public school children, our veterans with PTSD, our homeless, our minimum wage earners, our special needs children and adults, our ailing parents and grandparents, and more – many more.

North Dakota is the place to stop this insanity – for the good of us all.

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