Random thoughts. Chicago’s gun deaths are somebody’s people, daughters and sons.


I know this is a tough town.

But the thing about Chicago’s gun violence, Greg Hinz,  isn’t primarily how it impacts Rahm Emanuel’s political career.

That is pretty much settled.

It’s over. Six months more or two years.

Yet, it is pretty ghoulish for Crain’s Greg Hinz, in the wake of the carnage this Labor Day Weekend – 13 people were killed and another 52 were wounded – to focus on how the murder rates “threaten all Rahm has built.”

Although somebody needs to tell me what exactly that has been.

When they first announced that the number of deaths so far this year exceeded the entire total for last year, the City said, “Not so. We under-reported the number of people killed last year. It will take a few more days until that happens.”

More gun deaths than L.A. and New York combined.

Hinz makes some suggestions as to what Rahm can do to turn this disaster into a political plus.

That’s the Chicago Way, I suppose.

Hinz was only doing Rahm-think.

But thirteen people died bloody deaths Labor Day Weekend in Chicago.

Somebody’s sister, daughter, son, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husband.

That’s not a political crisis for Rahm not to waste. It is just a horrible waste.

7 Replies to “Random thoughts. Chicago’s gun deaths are somebody’s people, daughters and sons.”

  1. Fred,
    The Chgo police chief finally said something that is spot on, but if a white cop said it he/she would be branded a racist. This is a SOCIAL PROBLEM!!!!. The dems have been “helping” for 50 years and have squat to show for it. Get w the program Fred.
    Rahm cannot solve it and he has a lot of good company in other cities.

    Skulking Lurker

    1. You’re wrong on the facts. Chicago’s gun violence is far worse than any other city. The gun deaths are more than LA and New York combined. If Rahm and Eddie Johnson can’t do their job, if they want to blame it on “social problems” that exist in every other city, they should quit.

  2. That’s not a political crisis. It is a horrible waste.

    We agree on something. H

    So how do you fix it, Fred? (Besides electing a socialist as Mayor, I mean?)

  3. Dear Akivida,
    Give up!!! Elect a socialist as mayor??? Chicago should be so lucky!!! Milwaukee had almost forty years of socialist mayors and socialist administrations. Here’s a quote from a feature on Milwaukee written by Louise Levathes that appeared in the August 1980 edition of National Geographic Magazine, page 183, below a picture of Frank Zeidler:

    “Staunch pillar of his party, Frank Zeidler (above) ended three terms as Milwaukee’s last Socialist mayor in 1960. Dubbed ‘sewer Socialists’ for emphasizing city services, Zeidler and his socialist predecessors held the office 38 years, establishing traditions of balanced budgets and squeaky-clean honesty in government.”

    My wife and her family are from Milwaukee. My conservative-leaning father-in-law mentioned to me on a number of occasions that “the socialist government was the best” Milwaukee had during his lifetime. If he were alive today, he’d be on his knees begging for a

    Sooner or later, we, the voters, have to come to grips with the fact that we collectively put retrograde, dishonest, and corrupt politicians into office and keep them there. Most of us vote for a candidate’s party affiliation without considering whether or not either the candidate or the party really represent our interests. Then, we moan, groan, and bitch about those “corrupt politicians” in Springfield and in Washington. What do we in the next election? How many of us ever take individual responsibility for how we vote? How many of us ever considered voting for a “socialist” if one appeared on the ballot? The closest thing we have currently to the Socialist Party is the Green Party and how far do Green Party candidates get in elections?

    1. Well, Karl, in spray-painting a bulldozer (“I approve this message”) in Cannonball the other day, I heard, this morning, that the powers-that-be may press charges against Jill Stein, so she might get as far as…jail.
      It might be an improvement as to how they treated her at the 2012 DNC Convention when she tried to get in–they took her to an unspecified location & handcuffed her to a chair–for four hours.
      I asked around to see how we could get her the 15% polling candidates need to participate in debates, & was told that the polls chosen for representation would not poll anyone who might support Green Party Candidates (that is, AP, NYT, WaPo, etc.).

  4. Retired,
    Unfortunately, Jill Stein is not a choice in this election. If for no other reason, she’ll be on the ballots of only 33 states and can’t possibly win. She’s not even a good protest vote. A vote for her in mathematical terms is really a vote for Trump in those 33 states. We don’t have the luxury in this election of “voting our conscience” by simply rejecting Hillary. That, too, is a vote for Trump.

    Which one of two major candidates is flawed the least? As we always put it: Which one is the lesser of two evils? One of them is clearly so incompetent, so mentally deranged, and evil enough that there really is no other choice but Hillary. I will hold my nose on election day…

    Bernie came a long way in a relatively short period of time. He overcame great odds to present a serious challenge to Hillary. That’s tremendously encouraging. Let’s build on Bernie’s success and move forward. Let’s not get into petty quarrels that’ll divide us. Stand together to continue the fight. Bernie showed us the way; and we can do it again with even greater success. If we were to elect Trump, it’s “game over” for us and and the rest of civilization. That’s unthinkable. If we elect Hillary, we live to fight another day. For me, the choice isn’t difficult: I prefer to fight another day!

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