I know 2 out 500 Chicago movers and shakers.

I once met Muhammad Ali.

By “met” I should say that I shook his hand and he autographed my draft card.

That was in 1967 in Los Angeles at an anti-war rally against LBJ.

Like it says in the old Garth Brooks song, “I have friends in low places.”

So it is not surprising that as I scanned the list of 500 Chicago movers and shakers listed in Crain’s Chicago business, I could only spot two people who would admit to knowing me.

These two great women are definitely not friends in low places. In fact, they among the highest of the high.

CTU President Karen Lewis and Friends of the Parks Executive Director Juanita Irizarry are greet-with-a-hug friends.

And frankly, as I looked over the rest of the list, those are the only two I would want to know.

Juanita is not just a friend of the parks. She is a friend of the people.

And Karen Lewis. Well. It’s Karen Lewis.

The only two friends on the list.

I have a reputation to look after.


One Reply to “I know 2 out 500 Chicago movers and shakers.”

  1. Interesting list. There are a couple of downstaters ..Caterpiller….State Farm. Indirectly I met Craig Duchoisses father…in fact he was the source of our second greatest hunk of wealth after after my wifes pension…..so I guess I should always want to hug them. Also knew former managing Jenner and Block partner…not current.I would agree it is a power list but back to pensions…it has a fair collection of theives on it and they lacked the power to steal our money…Thank God.

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