7 Replies to “Worst. Election. Ever.”

  1. The so-called “commander-in-chief forum” was a disgraceful farce! Against my better judgment, I tortured myself to watch the damned thing. It was truly unenlightening, if not an outright affront to the whole concept of democratic elections. When I heard that Matt Lauer was in charge of this, I shuttered. In that respect, Matt didn’t disappoint me. Pathetic!!!

    1. Karl–thank you for watching it so I didn’t have to. As I’d mentioned in Fred’s earlier post “Hillary on Standing Rock,” she hasn’t said a word, & I didn’t even wonder if Matt Lauer would bring it up. Of course, this is being totally ignored by msm. Everything I have learned about it has been from watching Democracy Now! & RT (which can be viewed online, readers, in case you don’t have cable). I expect that John Oliver might report on this, because… well…it’s “not television, it’s HBO” (which is why he was able to do his excellent shows on charter school & “standardized” testing).
      As for “democratic” elections, insofar as just having (& still working) with an election fraud group, we don’t have them here, in the U.S., & haven’t for years. There have been numerous lawsuits filed in the case of this year’s state Dem. primaries (one being against the Chicago Board of Elections; & there is also an independent audit due for completion soon {that last part having been said, members of various election watch groups & people who had attended a Chicago B.o.E. warehouse audit, were supposed to have been interviewed by the independent firm–but, hasn’t happened yet, & they are being questioned}). This is part of the reason–those many Americans who have been monitoring election fraud–Bernie supporters are more than furious because, in reality, he would have won the popular vote (&, thus, more delegates). However, what needed to be done to turn this around requires the candidate’s campaign to file suit (not voters or election watch groups), which, most unfortunately, did not happen.
      And so, here we are–Matt Lauer, Trump & Clinton.
      You said it, Fred: “Worst. Election. Ever.”
      Even in consideration of those hanging chads.

    2. Retired,
      The whole charade of this “commander-in-chief forum” was frustrating and disturbing. Obviously, the worst of it was Lauer’s lack of fact checking and just letting that orange-haired Frankenstein blow his fetid breath at the TV audience without serious challenges.

      The other aspect of this spectacle that I found unsettling was the lionization of people and things military. Is there a limit as to how much deference or homage we as civilians must pay because someone dons a uniform of the armed services? Simple respect is one thing, but one gets the feeling while watching an event like this that the rest of society must worship the ground on which these “heroes” walk. That makes me feel uneasy because there’s a generated external pressure that tries to force us to conform.

      It’s not my intention to denigrate individuals for making the choice to volunteer for military service. Apart from my personal feelings about the military, I realize that there are varied reasons for young men and women to join and they have my respect. My concern is that simple respect is not good enough. There seems to be a real effort, especially by politicians on the right, to put the military on a pedestal and the rest of American society must obey and not question its elevated status. That poses a serious threat to democratic society.

      I’ve been following the happenings at Standing Rock. I’m disgusted by our political class to let this, another atrocity happen to the people who live on that land. I’m disgusted by the cavalier attitude of our politicians and too many of our fellow citizens toward the environment. Don’t they have children or grandchildren? Don’t they have any regard for the sources of life on Earth? Why don’t they fight to preserve vital natural resources and the environment as a whole so that humanity has a decent future? Why don’t they fight for the beauty of the land that enhances and rejuvenates the human spirit? What makes them think that collecting campaign donations and subservience to increasingly brutal corporate interests outweigh the survival of all of Earth’s creatures? The small-mindedness, shortsightedness, and outright stupidity are mind boggling…

      Democratic elections? Maybe I’m a Pollyanna, but I still believe that we can rescue American democracy from the corporate predators who are quite willing to destroy it. Elections are still a factor in what’s left of our democracy. If we despair and yield the field of battle to them, there’ll be no future for any of us, least of all for our children and their children.

      1. I always appreciate your intelligent & thoughtful comments, Karl. Your last 2 sentences are bottom-line–so many of us are worried about the future of our children, grandchildren and those yet to be born. There is no room to yield nor to do nothing. I like Thom Hartmann’s statement, “Get out there, get active. Tag, you’re it!”
        Finally–Hollywood has made a film about the Deep Water Horizon disaster.
        What is truly offensive is the advertisement tagline, “See it in IMAX!” I don’t know–perhaps large numbers of Americans who are voluntarily couch potatoes will see it and be horrified, will tie this tragedy to the DPL & the Oklahoma fracking earthquakes & other such man-made disasters, & will decide to do something.

  2. Up to you, Fred, on Sept. 8: No–sorry–I have, indeed, been reading all of Mike’s blog posts, as well as yours (I subscribe). Ken sends me his posts, as well. Plus, Diane Ravitch posted, as well (& I’m sure other bloggers–so many blogs, so little time).
    I meant hadn’t seen/heard anything prior to 9/8 on television news/radio (particularly, msm–CNN, MSNBC, network news). Since I last commented, I’d heard that the situation has, indeed, been reported on some msm nightly news, as well as in the press–WaPo & NYT. Credit for that, of course, to all the protectors on-site & protests held all over the country.

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