2 Replies to “Pipeline leaks and spills in the U.S. in the 21st Century. #NoDAP.”

  1. Fixing a leaky pipeline under the Missouri River sounds like it ought to be a piece of cake. Just like all the those other infamous global leaks – the nuclear wastes at Fukushima (I think it’s still leaking) , the leak in the Gulf Oil Spill (that was the one where they tried pouring gallons of concrete on the leak deep down at the bottom of the ocean), and then there were the leaks (caused by the Russians?) on Hillary’s e-mails.

  2. This large number of leaks strongly indicates the need for much tougher standards for design, materials, welds, inspection and testing. Once a pipeline is put in service, it needs to be maintained, inspected, and tested more frequently. The pipeline company saying “our new sophisticated equipment senses when a leak occurs and quickly shuts off the flow of oil” is not enough. It is no excuse for letting the pipelines be poorly constructed or get to such bad condition that they start leaking! This pipeline company tried to cheat on regulations regarding historical tribal lands, to bulldoze them before they could be inspected by the government. Is that company trustworthy enough to build this pipeline? What is to keep them from cheating on the quality inspections and tests on this pipeline? They should not be trusted with something so critical it could poison the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of people.

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