Sunday chowdah.


Photo: Christine Geovanis


The problem is that we’re now asking today’s starting teachers to take a 7% pay cut — and keep in mind, the value of that 7% will increase year-by-year over the course of that teacher’s career. A teacher with a bachelor’s degree will lose about $150,000 over his/her career when you factor in contractual raises over thirty years. Teachers with advanced degrees will lose even more.

So Mayor Emanuel is asking today’s novice teachers to accept a pay cut that will accumulate to more than the cost of a bachelor’s degree at a top private school. That’s a gut punch to 20-somethings who are already worried about when, if ever, they will pay off their college loans. Will Caskey



We also have to face the real problem, which, again, is persistent poverty. If we really want to improve scores and high-school-graduation rates and college readiness and the rest, we have to commit resources to helping poor parents raise their children by providing nutrition and health services, parenting support, a supply of books, and so on. We have to commit to universal pre-K and much more. And we have to stop blaming teachers for all of the ills and injustices of American society. David Denby




Only parenthetically in the middle of the 10-minute conversation did Trump turn to a favorite topic-size. “40 Wall Street,” he said, referring to his 71-story building blocks away from the now-collapsed twin towers, “actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest-and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest.” Raw Story


The Wall Street Journal yesterday said Clinton had taken more money from the oil and gas barons than Trump so far this cycle. And then there are the banks: A recent analysis by the group Food and Water Watch showed that many of the nation’s biggest financiers are backing the companies building the pipeline. J.P. Morgan. Goldman Sachs. The people who’ve built Clinton’s campaign war chest and her personal fortune are the same people who paid for the dogs that bit young native Americans last week.

It’s clear that Clinton would like to run out the clock on this election; she figures that Trump’s obvious incompetence will guarantee her victory. But sometimes things happen. The fight at Standing Rock is a big damned thing. It’s a Flint-in-the-making, and it’s also a chance to for once do right by the continent’s oldest inhabitants. Surely Hillary Clinton can rise to the occasion. Can’t she? Bill McKibben



“Kill the snake.” Chicago. September 9th. 2016. Photo: Fred Klonsky


Another day, another panel where current teachers aren’t on a panel about teachers. We need organizers of said events to do better. I’m no longer a fan of events where teachers sit in an audience listening to people tell them that they need to own their profession while the event itself features no educators.

I’m perfectly OK with non-educators having an opinion about education. That’s what democracy looks like. I’ve just grown tired of people at the school level being objects to observe instead of catalysts and experts for change.

I’d be happy if the presenters in the front said, “I’ll pass the mic to people currently in the situation I’m talking about.” But instead, I see “This teacher is a good example of what I’m talking about. Now sit back down and listen to me talk at you for an hour about your silence.” Transformative work requires the former, and few people are ready for that sort of change. Jose Vilson

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  1. Teachers are not only losing income over the length of their career, if we will have any career educators left in the near future, but their salary determines teacher retirement income as seniors. Literally, a life of ‘The Working Poor’ who are expected to assure college and career readiness for EVERY student in the US. What an insult!
    I salute the immense dedication of career educators who love and care about kids, in spite of the abuse, disrespect, bashing, abuse, insults… dished out by corporate profiteers’ determination in the gutting of public education.

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