Random thoughts. A “possible” cover-up?


The special prosecutor in the Laquan McDonald case has decided to request a grand jury. She wants the grand jury to consider whether there was a possible cover-up in the aftermath of the police murder of Laquan McDonald.

Judge LeRoy Martin Jr., the presiding judge of Cook County’s criminal division who appointed Holmes, said he would convene the special grand jury in the next two weeks to hear evidence.

That there was a cover-up is without a doubt.

My question is: Will Patricia Brown Holmes go after those at the top who tried to cover it up?

Or will she just hang  it on a few bad cops.

That just would not be justice.

Will she present evidence that police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who was fired after the release of the suppressed video tape, was part of a conspiracy to protect his cops?

There is plenty of evidence of that.

Will she bring evidence that Anita Alvarez, then Cook County States Attorney, was so buddy-buddy with the CPD that she functioned more as their personal lawyer than as the legal representative of the people of Chicago charged with protecting us from killer cops.

Will she have the grand jury look into the behavior of The Mayor?

In pursuit of his election for a second term, didn’t he bury the tape?

Let the grand jury hear about that.

There was no possible cover-up.

There was a cover-up that lasted a year.

A conspiracy to violate the law by those at the very top.

Will the grand jury hear testimony about that?

Will we see indictments of anybody in authority?

No way.

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