6 Replies to “General George Armstrong Trumpka.”

  1. You spelled Trumka wrong. Intentional?mk

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  2. That’s a big disappointment! Trumka thinks that the construction and maintenance will produce “union jobs.” He may be disappointed. Are union jobs even a guarantee?

    Union reaction six years ago to the building of a Navistar diesel testing plant in Lisle was the same as Trumka’s today. Our local trade unions supported the Navistar project, although the evidence pointed to serious environmental damage within a fifty mile radius and an increase in diseases like asthma and lung cancer that the plant would cause. Unfortunately, the zeal for jobs trumps any rational consideration of environmental concerns by some unions. Trumka’s support for the Keystone XL and North Dakota pipelines is mega-shortsightedness.

    I consider myself a strong union advocate, but I draw the line when jobs will cause trampling on people’s rights and irreversible environmental damage. Jobs in projects like the pipeline or a diesel testing plant are short term while environmental damage is forever. It would be nice if Trumka would realize that nothing can exist without an environment!

  3. At the very least, they should be forced to re-route to not be going through and digging up burial sights, and when they get near the river, they should be forced to use triple-thickness stainless-steel pipe, with every weld x-ray inspected similar to critical steam pipes in nuclear power plants. “But oil is not radio-active, why should we spend so much extra to make it super-safe?”, the pipeline company will ask. The reason is that while oil is not radio-active, it is toxic and could contaminate drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people. “Meets minimum” is not good enough, build it the safest it can be regardless of cost, or don’t build it at all.

    1. WE need to start moving away from fossil fuels, particularly fracking. But you are right. No pipeline through Native lands, and we should be very concerned about any pipelines near major rivers that can destroy the water for millions of people.

      1. Fred, they now have golf carts that run with solar panels mounted on the roof of the cart. With all of the great minds there are in this country, you would think they could pull a billion out of the Pentagon’s budget (Federal Government’s version of a TIF) and use it to develop a think tank that could come up with an idea to place solar panels on the top of cars. We’ve figured out how to get to the moon and back, how to swallow capsule camera’s that take pictures of our colon. There are organ transplants of all types. A state of the art solar panel on the roof of a car sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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