2 thoughts on “Blues people (An art project).

  1. The kind of change that may come is making me nauseous. If someone who acts and speaks like a 12 year old boy (no offense to 12 year old boys but you know….), who flagrantly lies every time he opens his mouth, who really, really wants to use nuclear weapons to “solve problems,” who openly adores Vladimir, who encourages further hacks by the Russian government (strangely these hacks do not include him), who denigrates the U.S. military on Russian TV as he panders to them at home, who uses the media to promote his latest hotel under the guise of a political announcement, who refuses to make his tax returns public because they are too complicated and would confuse the idiotic public he adores so much, who regularly does business and is highly linked to russian money in every sense of the word, and who has NO policy papers on record, if this person is elected to be president, I honestly do not know what I will do. Probably move to Cape Breton Island with many others. I hope there is space enough for all of us. Because there will be no reason to stay in a ruined country full of idiots.

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