We get letters.

It’s been a while since I have given my trolls some face time. So here we go.


Regarding pensions: These people are just getting OLD and after that they’re dead!!!


Dear Speaker Madigan..erm, Anonymous (if that is the way you want to roll, Mike),

Yes. That is the order of things. Work. Old. Dead. But until dead,  pensions must be paid.



Jump in Fred, the water is warm! It sounds like you’re starting to come along and maybe just beginning to realize Hillary isn’t the answer. Give Trump a chance. He isn’t a career politician and that’s is quite refreshing. I’m starting to like you more and more!!!!!

-In the warm water

Dear In the water,

You like me more and more? Wait a minute! Is this Ron Sandack? Get off social media, for Chrissake.



At least with Trump, he has shown a true love of country, not just a love of personal power and wealth.

Anonymous in Indiana

Dear Anon in Indy,

Sure. Google altruism and a picture of Trump comes up.



Ha!!, now the true pinko comes out!!!


Dear Data,



Peeps workers ons strike? Those damn candy people make so much money it’s just unconscionable.

-I Hate Peeps peeps.

Dear Hater,

Okay. But did you ever take one of those Peeps and put it in a microwave and watch it puff up.

Cool, right?



8 Replies to “We get letters.”

  1. My goodness. Doesn’t the countless telling of lies, and the endless insulting of various people/groups count for ANYTHING any more? It is just plain nuts when you see what voters are willing to overlook. OR…..maybe they believe the lies (because they just want to), and support the racist, bigoted, and xenophobic rhetoric. Sad.

    1. The problem is that so many are filled with misogynistc, racist, homophobic slurs that finding the few that are just stupid is a lot of work.

    2. Don’t worry Glenn the state constitution will protect our pensions…especially when there is no money!!!! Are you hitting on all cylinders????

  2. The clown especially showed love of country by going on Vlad’s personal TV station (pick any of them, they are all his) to diss the U.S. military and praise Russia and its leadership. Which would really show his love for his special friend vlad, not for this country he calls home. If elected, duckdynasty will be in charge of the environment and honeybooboo will be sec. of state. Daughter will be czarina of the white house and his Nazi son will lead the military. What could go wrong???

  3. The sites these trolls congregate are getting even worse too Fred and Glen. It hard to find just stupid comments. I am coming over to Trump as evil not just bad or stupid Fred so I will vote for Hillary now too Fred…..I am really anxious to send my message to Rauner in a state rep race. I want the heads of alt right tolls to explode….gets me feeling better about the choice.

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