Chicago’s murder rate isn’t the result of “absent Black fathers.” It is the result of the presence of one particular white one.


Former Chicago police chief Garry McCarthy took part in a year-long conspiracy to cover up the police murder of Laquan McDonald.

But that didn’t prevent the guy from taking a swipe at Colin Kaepernick’s widely supported protest of police violence.

Chicago. The city of no shame.

Our Mayor doesn’t blame Kaepernick for Chicago’s violence. He blames Black fathers.

In case McCarthy didn’t know, Kaepernick plays for the San Francisco 49ers, not the Bears. He is not responsible for the rise in Chicago violence  which took place under McCarthy’s watch.

I say Kaepernick plays for the 49ers, although Kaepernick hasn’t seen much time on the field since his protest. His jersey is flying off the shelves, however.

As for the Bears, the less said, the better.

In the city of no shame Black fathers are not the problem.

One particular white one is.

Chicago’s Mayor.

Time Magazine is reporting that the overall crime rate in the United States during the past two years has been flat.

But the murder rate in the United States has risen 13%.

The rise in the nation’s murder rate is totally and uniquely because of Chicago.

A new study released Monday by New York University’s Brennan Center projects that while crime overall in 2016 has remained virtually unchanged from last year, the murder rate is expected to rise 13.1% thanks to unprecedented violence in Chicago, which has seen more than 500 murders this year alone. Chicago is the only major U.S. city to report an increase in murders in both 2015 and 2016.

Does someone need to tell the Mayor that Black fathers aren’t the cause of the city’s violence?

Am I missing something? Don’t most American cities have Black fathers?

In Chicago they are among the victims.

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