The Illinois Policy Institute’s relationship with media. Scamming the easy marks.

“You can’t cheat an honest man,” said W.C. Fields.

I had to laugh when Illinois’ journalistic cynics and insiders complained that they had been scammed by the anti-union fake think tank, the Illinois Policy Institute.

Apparently the IPI, which is nothing more than a paid front for the Bruce Rauner agenda,  created a front (Sorry if this gets complicated) to make a movie attacking Rauner’s legislative nemesis, Speaker Mike Madigan.

The IPI’s CEO, Jim Tillman, announced the creation of the movie-making IPI front group, Illinois Policy Action, in August.

“Illinois Policy Action will serve as “boots on the ground” – and in the capitol – when it comes to advancing the Illinois Policy Institute’s ideas in Springfield. The mission of Illinois Policy Action will be to turn into law the policy solutions developed by the expert research team at the Illinois Policy Institute. Illinois Policy Action will operate as a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization. Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Policy Action have identical boards of directors and will share some staff and facilities. This expansion increases our ability to ensure that the voice of the taxpayers is heard more loudly than ever in Springfield.

A 60 minute movie about Mike Madigan? Tell me. Where will this movie being playing? Who will be watching? I can’t think of anyone who would want to watch Madigan for 60 minutes.

Here is the best movie you will ever see about Speaker Madigan. It is only six minutes long. Speaking to the press just after the passage of SB1,  he says he knows four Illinois Supreme Court judges who will rule SB1 – the pension theft bill – constitutional. As you know, the Court rule unanimously that SB1 was unconstitutional.

Illinois Policy Action (the front group for the Illinois Policy Institute, which is the front group of Bruce Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda) hired a front group to make their movie. A front for a front for a front for a front. It’s enough to make my head spin.

Those appearing in the documentary according to Illinois Policy: “Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, University of Illinois professor and political observer Dick Simpson, former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, law professor and former drafter of the 1970 Illinois Constitution Ann Lousin, former state Sen. Steve Rauschenberger, Rob Blagojevich who is the brother of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, political blogger Rich Miller.”

Funny. As a long-time critic of Michael Madigan they didn’t ask me.

Why? Maybe because I am not an insider and not so easy to scam.

Rich Miller, a Springfield insider and publisher of CapitolFax said he was duped into appearing in the movie.

John Kass said his appearance was a lapse in journalistic ethics and made a public apology.

The Tribune’s anti-union political cartoonist, Scott Stantis, says his appearance was also the product of a con.

How did this happen? How did all these insiders get scammed by the IPI?

The fact  is that the entire Illinois media has been scammed by the IPI for years. Shows like public television’s Chicago Tonight will not talk about public pensions without having a spokesman from the IPI on the panel.

This is all about the mainstream press trying to claim they show both sides and to make Madigan a useful foil in the campaign to discredit public pensions.

Like there are two sides to pension theft.

4 Replies to “The Illinois Policy Institute’s relationship with media. Scamming the easy marks.”

  1. Those who were duped can always take legal action against the IPI as a means of expressing the legitimacy of their claims. WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  2. The only front movie I want to see (& have–numerous times) is “The Front,” the Woody Allen movie about blacklisting.
    And I will never forget Scott “Scum” Stantis’ vile dog/union cartoon.
    Actually, he IS the cartoon, & it’s should be no surprise to anyone that he was “conned” (just like Ron Sandack!).

  3. Stantis is a loathesome.
    I’m surprised the liberal Patty Vasquez has him on her show all the time as he just ruins it. As soon as I hear him- I’m off to WBEZ or WCPT.

  4. Great video…the democrats love to play useful idiots to right wing schemes….and then wonder why they have so much trouble getting voters…..

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