2 Replies to “Exclusive. Illinois State Representative Ron Sandack’s inappropriate video.”

  1. “State Representative Ron Sandack voting for pension theft.”

    Dear (Former) Rep. Sandack,
    I watched your 22 second video in utter disgust! Now, that’s the real obscenity! You should have resigned in shame for screwing all of Illinois’ public employees. Now, that was a mega-screw job involving both elderly men and women! What a pervert you are!!! Have you no shame??? Your little Weiner tryst with a shady lady in the Philippines was trivial by comparison; though both your pension cut vote and your online peccadillo demonstrate beyond doubt that your brains are in your p****r.

    (Former) Rep. Sandack: “I’m human. I made a mistake for which I’m remorseful and ashamed…”

    Yes, (former) Rep. Sandack, you’re “human.” The question is why do you have to be so “human?”

    Missing from your public apology was your wife at your side.

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