City workers that not only built and maintained this city are now being treated as dirt.


-I haven’t heard from Pasqual LoPresti in a while. Today he shares his views on Mayor Rahm’s decision to raise the cost of health care for retired city workers. Pasqual is a retired Chicago Streets and Sanitation worker and union member.

Please excuse me for taking time to respond to your exposing Bill Daley as being part in this plot of grand theft of retirees and survivors. I can see his dad’s face right now watching his 2 sons and 1 adopted nephew of his son Richie 2, called TUTU flushed in angry red for screwing over his loyal machine army. These very City Workers that not only built and maintained this City are now being treated as dirt. These were the Ol’ Man’s people.

Even the Zombied citizens are fast to blame us rich city retirees for this whole mess but fail to realize it was Richie 2 that started to take down this city and his nephew TUTU carries it on.

I had a feeling something was ready to explode because a week after our last court case we had a set back on Aug 21st, not a mention or peep from the media. I had warned all on the site City Workers I smelled skunk. Even TUTU was quiet and that’s a so called man that pounds his lil’ chest and squeals in his Tarzan mousy voice if he stomps an ant or bare handedly breaks a tooth pic. It was like that for a month until this pops up – the theft of our health care.

Oh, and did they ever go for the throats on this. But yet the Feds lay back and are fine with this too.

We are not the 6 figure pensioners that the media says we are. By the City’s lawyers own admission on the average a city retiree is grossing (not shitty hall math) 44,000 per year

Now minus tax of 15%  – 37,400 per year net minus health care: $31,320.

Don’t forget many of us weren’t allowed to pay Social Security and Medicare.

Rent gas electric food etc from $506 per month left to live on.

 And let’s take this down to survivors income of 1/2 pensions.

Our health care costs has increased from $700 per month for 2 non-Medicare to $2610 per month since 2013. And none of these are typos nor shitty hall math but are facts.

And all the while the 1%ers get fatter, the Daley family rakes in a cut, yet on everything and our own little ballerina prances. Also the man I was so proud of that rose up to become our leader wound up shaming me and others by standing up for this chooch on 5 while so many suffer hardships because of his greed. He stole our American Dream just to stay mellow and watch our grandchildren grow in peace.

To the people of Chicago, the City I was so proud to care for and maintain in every way imaginable at all times. Thank you for turning on us. Like Ditka would say “WE WERE THE GRAWBOWSKIs” We cherished our City. That now shames us on the world news every day. This is your man and he will rob you too !

Our own pension board and union 1001 laborers fought against us retirees and survivors in court and even the current work force that started working pre 2011. Oh yes they screwed us all and the currents still have to pay them dues and 1001 in turn gave TUTU 100 GRAND FOR THE LAST ELECTION. Our union at one time was like your CTU, they worked for their membership.

Ms Lewis is a throw back to those days and shares her heart with the union leaders of the past. Like I’ve said on Fred’s site before: Teachers appreciate what you have in your union because someday it may not be there. I support you people and ask all my brothers and sisters on our site of City Workers Present and Past to do the same and if I may, a special thanks to Mr Oscar Ortiz for all he has done for both our memberships. Stay strong my friends, for the day will approach to where we can flush the SHIT FROM OUR STREETS !

2 Replies to “City workers that not only built and maintained this city are now being treated as dirt.”

  1. This routine of rapping retirees health benefits has a long standing as business as usual the union should develop low-cost co cooperative s for health and dental get out of the city rip off plans

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