Random thoughts. Crash.


Don’t do this.

I was coming in from the screened porch yesterday afternoon juggling my drawing board, phone and computer.

My legs got tangled and down I went.

I have no broken bones. I do have a skinned knee. I am 68 years old. I haven’t skinned my knee since I was a kid.

My lap top did not do as well.

The screen looks like it dropped acid.

The Apple Store opens at 9.

I am off to see if it can be saved.

5 Replies to “Random thoughts. Crash.”

  1. Old age is hell. A dead laptop is worse. I’m 70 to your 68. My last adventure was to leave my beloved iPad on the roof of my car……….and then watch it fly off the back at 40 mph. My wife threatens divorce, if I don’t spend less time with my iPad.

    May “he” utter as a fool (that he is) tonight.


    Chuck Swangren

    Sent from my iPad


    1. When we were 7, a skinned knee healed in 3 days. I am 72. Now it takes 3 weeks. Tonight’s debate should be a dandy. The only thing that would keep me from watching it live would be a Cubs World Series game

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