Random thoughts. Debate hangover.


There were lots of debate drinking games proposed earlier in the day yesterday.

The one I resonated to most was the one that suggested we down a shot each time we realized that Clinton and Trump are the two real choices.

I remained stone cold sober. Yet I still have a hangover.

On the one hand, Trump came off as a stuttering fool.

What is the deal with Rosie O’Donnell?

And the constant Trump snorting?

Forget about his tax returns. Demand a drug test.

Still,  his direct appeal to white racism came through loud and clear.

Clinton’s response to the racist appeal was tepid at best. In discussing police shootings in the Black community, her answers were a balancing act that would make the Wallenda’s proud.

At the root of Clinton’s weakness is her fear of alienating Republican donors and voters.

She was much harder on Sanders in the primary debates than she was on Trump last night.

Did you hear the word Republican mentioned even once?

If you weren’t around at the time, would you know that George Bush was the President eight years ago?

I’ll let Nate Silver analyze the horse race.

But when it was over, I felt like I needed a shower.

2 Replies to “Random thoughts. Debate hangover.”

  1. Agree …. and now the DNC is scratching its collective head as it wonders why millennials and Sanders supporters are not flocking to Hillary …IMHO, this country will rue the day Sanders was not president.

  2. I’m a die-hard Bernie supporter, but unfortunately, he isn’t on the Nov. 8 ballot. That’s a stark fact which I had to digest. It would be nice if some of the millennials and a few Bernie supporters would also recognize these extremely compelling facts:

    1. There are two candidates and one will win on election day. You only get one choice! Take your pick!
    2. Jill Stein and Gary (What the hell is Aleppo?) Johnson don’t count! — Votes for either is a vote for Trump.
    3. You may disagree on some issues with Hillary. Fine! If you vote for her, you’ll live to fight another day; and your chances are good at making progress. Have some patience! Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    4. If you cast your vote for anyone but Hillary, you’re imperiling your future and that of civilization. That’s no hyperbole! Remember, there are only two choices!
    5. Appreciate the fact that a big part of your future will be determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. Either Hillary or that orange-haired Frankenstein will determine who sits on the high court and the lower Federal courts. Those are lifetime appointments!!! Jill Stein or Gary Johnson will never make Supreme Court appointments.
    6. The biggest issue that you’ll face is global warming / climate change. We are sitting on the edge of the cliff!

    Your future and that of civilization are in your hands! There are only two choices on November 8, 2016:
    Civilization? or Catastrophe?
    Hillary? or an orange-haired Frankenstein?
    Take your pick!

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