4 Replies to “Rigged.”

  1. Fred,
    For the record, no evidence of tax cheating, yet. Just taking legal deductions that accrue to any business, say the NYT or GE etc. If those deductions had taken place in a corporate entity they would draw no attention at all, but the fact that the Donald took them, well that must be cheting, right?

    Fact is that the tases are not “avoided” but only deferred to another year. They can be deferred for a long time, but eventually the piper must be paid. Same is true for any corporate or other business entity.

    Having said that the optics certainly do suck if you are the Donald.

  2. “Hillary is the prune juice of this election. If you don’t take her now, you’ll be stuck with crap for a very long time.”

    Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Saturday Night Live skit —- The Family Feud – Political Edition

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