Random thoughts. Kaine lets Pence off the hook on his Indiana hate law.


Some pundits thought Democrat Tim Kaine was too hard on Indiana Governor Mike Pence in last night’s pathetic veep debate.

Not me.

One problem for me was that Kaine looks very much like my high school principal, Jim Tunney.  I have no idea what Tunney’s political views were. But Kaine and Tunney could be brothers.


My high school principal, Jim Tunney. And Senator Tim Kaine.

After being my high school principal, Tunney went on to a long career as an NFL referee, known as “the dean of NFL referees.”

Tunney and I were at Fairfax High School in West Hollywood in the  late sixties. Being a Gay or lesbian student or teacher at Fairfax who was out was unheard of in those days. It was something only a few talked about.

In those days there was no openly Gay students, pregnant students, students with disabilities and L.A. public schools were strictly racially segregated.

Gay rights were not something to talk about in polite company.

Jim Tunney’s Doppelgänger, Tim Kaine must have thought the same thing about veep debates: Don’t talk about “the Gays.”

While he acted like the chief prosecutor on most things Trump, the only time he mentioned Gay rights was when he talked about Russia.


How about Indiana and it’s governor who he was actually debating last night.

Mike Pence is a homophobic hate-monger who passed one of the most hateful anti-LGBTQ laws in the country.

It was so bad that organizations and corporations threatened to boycott Indiana and hold no meetings, conventions or sports events in Indianapolis.

Because of the reaction and national outrage against the law, Pence had to walk it back and refine the law with some tweaking.

But even now, Indiana law does not respect the rights of homosexuals.

I sat for over 90 minutes watching that mess last night, but waiting for Tim Kaine to pounce on Pence for his role in the Indiana hate law.

And Jim Tunney – I mean Tim Kaine – had nothing to say about that.

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