We get letters.


You said charter schools were to be dreaded because they would do away with collective bargaining units. Surely you didn’t err?

-Here to Annoy

Dear Annoy,

I didn’t err. The corporate reformers did.



Do you think the average private sector worker contributes 2% of their salary to retirement?


Dear P,

If the average public sector employer did what CPS did and spent what they were supposed to contribute to Social Security somewhere else, they would be in violation of federal law.



What a waste of time!!! Go pick up garbage in your own neighborhood!!!

-I Like Living in Naperville


I do pick up garbage when I walk Ulysses in the morning. And, thanks to the Mayor, I now pay the city another tax to have it done. I think that next he will tax me for walking Ulysses.



Kaine’s imagination just isn’t up to yours, Fred. But at least he is bold enough to imagine himself as Vice-President.

-Mr. Imagination

Dear Mr. Imagination,

Trump is bold enough to imagine himself as President. It seems the rest of the country is luckily not quite that imaginative.



You are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts.

I have and will continue to cite sources for every argument and statement I make so if you would like to make statements please be sure to back them up because to me your statement sounds like grandiose hyperbole manufactured to forward a dubious argument.

-No Periods or Commas

Dear No Periods,

Don’t you find the term, “grandiose hyperbole,” kind of redundant?


3 Replies to “We get letters.”

  1. From the beginning, most charter legislation built in the opportunity for teachers in charters to form a union. Some schools resisted, some schools have worked closely with teachers to create a union. And some charters have boards, the majority of whom are teachers who work in the school. These teachers set their salary and working conditions – a great example of teacher empowerment.

      1. Abigail, I helped write charter legislation in 30 states, and each of those state laws allows teachers in charters to create a union.
        As to what % of charters are run by a board, the majority of whom are teachers, I don’t know. But there is a growing national movement of district & charter educators who are creating such schools. A group of teacher union presidents and charter advocates in Minnesota convinced Minnesota legislators to allocated $500,000 this year to help district teachers start new schools that are “teacher powered.”
        Here’s a link to more info about growing efforts to create teacher powered public schools, district & charter. http://www.teacherpowered.org/

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