Keeping retirement weird. It’s a marathon.


The Friday before the Chicago Marathon in Chinatown, 2014 with Matthew and Harley.

Last night was fun.

Cubs won. Dodgers won. Trump lost. Dinner was good.

I saw my one and only World Series game at Dodger Stadium when Los Angeles played against the Twins in 1965.

Matthew, Harley and I taught together for 15 years. In fact, Harley and I go back to when he was a student teacher with Rich.

Now Harley is planning to retire in a few years. Matthew a little longer.

Our Chinese dinner goes back to 2009 when Matthew and Harley ran their first Chicago Marathon together.  On the Friday before the run they would drive into the city to McCormick Place to get their bibs and stuff and I would meat them at a restaurant in nearby Chinatown after.

They still run every year. I don’t do marathons. Other than life.

There were a couple of years I went over and cheered them on. Now we  just meet up for the dinner and conversation. Just three old guys, teachers and friends over Tsingtao and garlic shrimp.

By the way, be sure to follow my brother’s reports from Standing Rock and the journey of Chicago students from Logan Square to the encampment.

As for the Cubs and Dodgers. I’m hoping to see them play each other in the second round of the playoffs.

I’ll root for the Dodgers, of course.

I’m 43 years a Northsider. But who you root for is determined when you are a kid. It is like a genetic imperative.

My Chicago teacher friends are bargaining this three-day weekend.

There does not have to be a strike if Rahm doesn’t want one. But every Chicago teacher I know says they are ready to walk.

If that happens, I’ll be walking with them. That’s a genetic imperative too.

As for Trump?


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