Random thoughts. Suddenly the Mayor is concerned with long-term solutions. There is a mid-night deadline, pal. Make the deal.


The Cubs magic number is nine.

For the Mayor it is $200 million. It’s not like he doesn’t have it.

That is the number he can come up with to avoid parents having to find alternative places for their children tomorrow morning.

That is the price tag for a contract with the Chicago Teachers Union.

As a comparison, that is four* gyms for DePaul University.

He has the $200 million available in Tax Increment Financing.

The Mayor argues that this is not a long-term fix.

Probably not. I’m not sure the Mayor really  is interested in the long-term fix. That involves taking money from his wealthy friends and donors.

So, while we wait for a long-term fix, sign a contract with the teachers.

Open the schools tomorrow morning.

It will cost you four gyms.

*More recent estimates make it closer to two DePaul gyms.

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