6 Replies to “Which one is running against the Republicans?”

  1. Wild isnt it. I have not seen anything in the emails Bernie didnt say….sge is malleable so if she appoints Gore to Interior and how about Karen Secretary of Education

  2. Dont we have a moderate republican in O? It seem there is a lunatic asylum that moved into politics over the last few decades and grabbed the name…..I think we have found the creepy clowns….They seem to be running this asylum. One Alex Jones just claimed claimed O and Hillary are demons……Fred you are just going to have to do some surrealist paintings! And the best part of wikileaks is that Hillary and Podesta are going to tell us the truth about UFOs……..Truth is so much stranger than fiction.

  3. We have our work ahead of us to keep Hillary honest! Come on, fellow Democrats, now is the time for us to get the Democratic Party off the neoliberal train and to transfer to the progressive track!!! This is the time for Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, hopefully Russ Feingold, and Tammy Duckworth to tell the Democratic establishment that the discontent against Conservadems is as real as the spreading revulsion against Trump and the Republican Party that spawned him. Don’t think that the Democratic Party had the strength of ideas or the better candidates to defeat the Republican Party. Had Trump listened to his handlers and not put his insanity on such dazzling display, he could have defeated Hillary. The Democratic Party failed us in 2009; we can’t allow it to happen again!

    The Republican Party was on the skids after the 2008 presidential election and Obama with his “bipartisanship – turn the other cheek” approach saved this reckless, dangerous bunch of political thugs while they plotted in the “Caucus Room Conspiracy” on the very evening of the 2009 presidential inauguration to destroy him and his presidency. In many ways, Obama and the congressional Democrats with their extended hands to Republicans, plus their own support for neoliberal, pro-corporate economic policies, proved crucial in the resurgence of the Republicans with the even uglier “tea baggers” in the election of 2010. For six long years, our country has been in the grips of these thugs in political suits who have stalked the halls of Congress, state houses, and governors’ mansions to do incalculable damage. Think Flint, Michigan!

    To hell with Republicans and their conservadem enablers; to hell with “bipartisanship-turn-the-other-cheek” approaches with Republicans; to hell with neoliberal economic policies!!! The Democratic Party is the only political organization that has the capacity to deal with our many problems mostly caused by Republicans. Here’s the Democrats’ golden opportunity to do the right thing. Don’t blow it again as in 2009. There won’t be any other chances ever again! Do you hear that, Hillary???

    1. It amazes me that people still think that Hillary can be “kept honest”. How do you propose to do that? Once she’s in office, what’s the “or else”? You’re not going to vote for her in 2020? What are you going to do if the Republican in 2020 is, say, Cruz? We always have to vote for the Democrat because the Republican is always worse and scary. As long as the Democrats know they’re going to keep getting elected, what motivation do they have to change?

      1. Sorry, this comment was from me. I didn’t realize the fields weren’t filled in and I didn’t intend to post anonymously.

  4. Dienne,
    I don’t disagree with you. I became a Democratic precinct committeeman in 2008 in order to make a difference and to add another progressive voice to the Democratic Party. I keep plugging away at every meeting and there are many others in our township organization who feel as I do. My impression is that our numbers are growing and the wide-spread support of Bernie was encouraging. Bernie’s sudden challenge was a shock to the corporate Dems. Bernie has called a temporary truce in order to make sure that Trump doesn’t become president. Most will agree that Trump is a far greater threat to our existence than Hillary. I’m sure that Bernie will continue the fight for the “soul of the Democratic Party” after the election and I’ll continue to support his efforts.

    There are also Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown, hopefully Russ Feingold again, and other progressives in both the House and the Senate. We need to encourage and to support people like them so that eventually there’ll be a progressive majority in the Democratic Party. I know one thing: it’ll never happen without a fight. I’m confident that if we don’t get discouraged and won’t cede the field of battle to the corporate Dems like Rahm and his ilk that, in the end, we’ll win.

    If you’re not already engaged, join your local Democratic Party organization, become a precinct committeewoman, or work in some capacity within the party. Voting is vitally important, but we progressives need to do more than just vote to change the “soul of the Democratic Party.” Numbers count in any effort, especially when it comes to changing an organization like a political party.

    Unless we change our “winner-take-all” system to a parliamentary one with proportional representation, a third party will never make it. Do you have a better suggestion? I’m all ears!

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