Pasqual is pissed again.


-By Pasqual LoPresti, retired Chicao city worker.


You are even worse at reporting the truth than the Chicago ScumTimes. The only reason i subscribe to your digital version is once in a blue moon you might type the truth. But mostly its stories such as this that I have to share on our site, City Workers Present and Past.  Your attack on the teachers is a TUTU spin from one end to the other with ballet slipper tracks all over it. You wanna talk truth…

  • Expose how much is really in the TIFs.
  • Expose the non emergency wild spending that your TUTU blows 100s of millions every week.
  • Expose how he just pulled off 8 BILLION in loans (in the last 4 weeks) and whatever you want to call them in juice loan interests 2 to 4 times the going rates, and who profits from it.
  • Expose how in his budget how he figures he saved the city in rewritten loans 60 some million, but on the other hand he buries us deeper with these new loans and higher interest.
  • Expose how he figures his hire of “ADDITIONAL CPOs” of 970 in 2 years, when the department has around a 3,000 shortage and a projected 1000 retirees is “ADDITIONAL.”
  • Expose how he needs to find funds for these “ADDITIONAL”
    officers when he should have a good size bankroll from barely hiring any officers for the last 5 years, and what of the 1000 new retirees.
  • Expose how he stole the election by the cover up of 16 shots and in plain sight only 2 people would it help, the shooter and TUTU. TUTU is innocent? Yeah right,Fibune.
  • Expose how his theft of the retirees health care is a good move putting people into poverty because of this.
  • Expose the hardship letters and stories that this asshole has sentenced on people who did what they were suppose to for 36 years and served the people of Chicago leaving many with no help in healthcare or medications.
  • Expose every thing this so called Mayor has said in 5 years has been all lies.
  • I can go on for a long time with this but my anger has my Sicilian fingers pounding my keyboard with too much anger to the breaking point.
  • Your attack on the teachers has no meaning other than to attack them for TUTU because with the Cubs winning he can’t.

Now, FIBUNE lets be honest. The break came in the contract talks. Didn’t come from this chooches heart. It came from the protesters in front of his house and he knew what would happen at Addison and Clark and be shown on national news or even world wide.

I hope Ms. Lewis buries his ass on this contract before signing. CTU is in the drivers seat and he knows it. Let him try to pull a shot and there will be so many thousands of sightseers looking at those beautiful brownstones in that neighborhood around the ballpark

I have to confess, I only listend to about the first 12 to 14 minutes of his BULLSHIT FRIGGIN BUDGET. And every word was a lie. WAKE UP CHICAGO. THIS GUY IS KILLING OUR CITY TO ENRICH HIS 1%ers.

Support our teachers, our police, our city workers, (retired and current) WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY. We just want what is due to us. The enemy is TUTU and his band of puppets that we hired and pay their wages REALIZE THEY WORK FOR US WE DONT WORK FOR THEM.


6 Replies to “Pasqual is pissed again.”

  1. When our country was really feeling the pressure of having to use Mid-East oil, an energy alternative was sought out. A governmental loan to a solar company looked like it might be heading in the right direction. That is, until that company, Solyndra, didn’t quite get the job done, despite getting a 535 million dollar loan from the Energy Department. Rahm Emmanuel, while working in the Obama Administration, brokered that failed 535 million dollar deal. Geez, do you think of that 535 million, a million or two or three may have made its way into the coffers of some of the individuals involved with the deal?

    The taxpayers know little about this. Oh yeah, it was on the networks for a few days. But then it got dropped, and all has been forgotten. Right now there are more important things that I’m hearing about on the news. One of them is that Rahm is starting to feel confident about getting elected to a third term.

  2. Wow I made the gallery. I’m honored. Please hang me on the wall between my two favorite politicians, “THE 9s” 9 house and 9 fingers so I can keep giving them my pissy looks that they work so hard to earn…

  3. We just want what is due to us.

    And just exactly who, Freddie, doesn’t?

    And who decides what is due to whom? A free economy (otherwise known as capitalism)? Methinks the answer is lies with the Marx Clause in the US Constitution: From Each According to his Ability, and To Each According to His Need? All you need is a New Stalin to decide who Needs What, and who has the Ability to Provide.

    1. Ironic how so-called free-market people like you think contracts and constitutional guarantees are the work of Stalin. Or maybe Satan?

  4. Well let me explain this to you. When your mortgage is due , your full payment is due. You can’t say oh well I’m not honoring that contract because I don’t want to. Your ass will be outside in no time, can you guess why? THE BANK WANTS WHAT’S DUE THEM ! If you have car payments, psst, you pay them because yes, THE FULL PAYMENT IS DUE. Try missing payments I’de love to see you on the front page of the Scumtimes or Fibune on a divvy bike in front of a semi doin 55 mph. AND METHINKS you need to open your eyes to the real world that any working person deserves the respect from those they work for to be paid as agreed or DUE THEM. METHINKS you need to go back to your planet UreAnus. You just recieved a free lesson from a retired City of Chicgo worker who spent his first 18 of 36 years of City employment picking up your garbage. And no PAYMENT DUE

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