Random thoughts. WikiLeaks and the Democrats’ Rahm problem.


In 2014 we got the chance to look inside the Clinton White House with the release of a memo from Rahm Emanuel to the President. The memo shows Rahm telling Bill Clinton to increase deportations and mimic Richard Nixon as a law and order politician.

Donald Trump has picked up on the same Nixonian law and order theme for his anti-immigrant election campaign.


Rahm’s law and order memo.

“The GOP Congress wants to fight the immigration issue out on government benefits. You want to take it to them on the workplace. The INS should be directed to expand the VIS to key industries, beyond meat-packers and poultry. Halfway through your term you want to claim a number of industries free of illegal immigrants,” wrote Rahm.

“This is great!,” responded Bill Clinton.

One of the emails released by WikiLeaks this week shows that Rahm’s immigrant problem came up in the early days of the Obama administration.

Obama was considering Rahm as Chief of Staff.

White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz criticized Emanuel as a potential pick.

“So I hate to bug you with anything else knowing how much must be going on, but the Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff rumor is circulating like wildfire,” Munoz wrote in an email to President Barack Obama’s campaign that was forwarded to Podesta. “Folks know how explosive that would be in my part of the world, no?”


Obama ignored the advice and selected Rahm as his first Chief of Staff.

It turned out to be a bad choice. Rahm was said to be a divisive element among Obama’s White House staff. It has been widely reported that many among Obama’s people were happy to see him leave and run for Mayor. None more than Michelle Obama.

The Sun-Times reports that the Clinton campaign appears confident of victory enough to bring Rahm out in public. It appears part of the plan to rehabilitate the Mayor in preparation for a possible third term.

With this guy, I think that may be premature.

4 Replies to “Random thoughts. WikiLeaks and the Democrats’ Rahm problem.”

  1. He’s a master strategist. Next year at this time, he’ll have photo-ops with prominent individuals celebrating the one year anniversary of the Englewood Whole Foods and the South-Side Mariano’s. And whether they’re accurate or not, there will be stat sheets showing that Chief Eddie Johnson and his new strategies are working and that crime is headed downward. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, a few holiday holiday turkey hand outs ought to seal the deal for Rahm’s third term, no?

  2. Obama has made a plethora of “bad picks”–no, make that REALLY bad picks…Arne Duncan, John King, Lawrence Summers & keeping Tim Geithner.
    Interestingly enough (& I believe it was in the book Game Change, about the 2008 election), it was reported that Summers & Emanuel were making their way about the W.H., irritating the women–in particular, Valerie Jarrett & Michele Obama, among others. A staffer interviewed for G.C. (who, of course, wished to remain anonymous) told the tale, & said, “When there are problems in the W.H. w/Staff, you usually go to the Chief of Staff (for help).
    But what do you do when the Chief of Staff IS the problem?”
    Also–& I believe this was in Carl Bernstein’s 2007 book about HRC, A Woman in Charge (might have been in Stephanopolous’ book, All Too Human, as well), it wasn’t exactly a Hillary-Rahm love fest, either.
    That having been said, what with “his success” in avoiding a popularity-damaging teachers’ strike, if the Cubs win the World Series…well, he’ll take credit for that, too.
    The Sun-Times is already talking about a third term.

  3. Rehabilitate Rahm??? I thought just a little over a week ago that “corporate reform” was the oxymoron of oxymorons. “Rehabilitate Rahm” may yet beat that one. If Hillary and her entourage make this scumbag “presentable in good company,” she’ll lose a chunk of Illinois’ Democrats, including yours truly. If Hillary hasn’t learned to read the tea leaves, she had better take a crash course immediately.

    Neoliberal ideas of deregulation, austerity, and privatization are nonstarters and a sure road to disaster. We’ve had more than 35 years of Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Ronald Reagan-inspired absurdities that are destroying America’s middle class and our planet. Hillary’s hubby, Bill, Barack Obama, and of course, Rahm, the Wrong, were also prime movers in pushing such neoliberal nonsense.

    First off all, Hillary had better realize that she hasn’t won the election yet. Secondly, if she does beat Trump, it won’t be due to any popularity with the American people or through the strength of her ideas. Any association with scumbags like Rahm will only harm her image and that of the entire Democratic Party. Her victory next month, if it comes to pass, depends almost exclusively on the utter stupidity and depravity of the Republican Party that Trump’s candidacy has finally exposed to the entire nation.

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