The WikiLeaks dump: Podesta and Clinton were not happy about the anti-Trump rally at UIC in March.

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Thousands protest and chase Donald Trump out of town when he tried to rally at the UIC Pavilion last March. Photo: Fred Klonsky

When we went to protest Donald Trump at his planned rally at the University of Illinois Chicago campus last March it was because we recognized a fascist when we saw one.

Thousands took part in the peaceful protest outside while Trump goons attacked protesters inside.

It seems that Clinton supporters didn’t take Trump all that seriously back in March.

Part of the WikiLeaks John Podesta email dump included this one:


The context for this email is important. Three weeks earlier Clinton had a a major lead over Bernie Sanders in polling for the Illinois primary. But Sanders was closing fast.

Clinton won Illinois with 50.56 percent to Sanders’ 48.61 percent of the overall vote. Of the 102 elected delegate spots in Illinois, Clinton won 52 and Sanders 50, almost a tie.

Podesta and Clinton saw the mass mobilization of anti-Trump protesters in the streets as helping Sanders and hurting the Clinton campaign. They were right about that.

So much so that they begged President Obama to give “a nod” in favor of Hillary.

There was no nod from Obama.

Sanders nearly won Illinois.

Trump was chased out of town leading to similar protests around the country.

But Hillary was far more worried about Sanders than she was about Trump.

5 Replies to “The WikiLeaks dump: Podesta and Clinton were not happy about the anti-Trump rally at UIC in March.”

  1. Sanders most likely DID win Illinois (as he did many other states he supposedly lost). I’m sure the term “election fraud” surprises no one here–after all, we are known (even nationally) as “Crook County” & other unprintable names for the whole of IL. The provisional ballots (which don’t count) were being handed out like candy, w/o the legally required explanation that people could go down to the Board of Elections w/in a week’s time, & w/2 pieces of ID, be given actual, real ballots. The internal audit in Chicago (forced by the hand of election watchdog groups) proved faulty, & an independent audit (again, pushed by outside groups) was just completed, with a report that came out last week (when such is released–& may have to be F.O.I.A.’ed–people like you & me will be made aware). Lawsuits have been filed in Chicago, California and, I believe, in NY. Unfortunately, neither the Sanders Campaign nor the candidate himself had filed suit. If this had been the case (as a candidate or her/his campaign has to be the entity to file suit for result), & there had been any winnings, we would be looking at a much different scenario rather than the one we have now. Had the Sanders Campaign not have been so trusting (the mgr., Jeff Weaver, had worked on the Senator’s VT campaigns only, to date, & so, it would appear, did not recognize the cutthroat tactics of the “seasoned” politicians/DNC {& those of us who worked for Bernie knew full-well the anti-Bernie, pro-HRC tactics taken during the primary season, well before the Wikileaks}), again, we just might be cheering on President-elect Sanders November 9th.
    But–don’t take my word for it–you can read the Election Justice, U.S.A. report, or you can Google any of the lawyers involved (I believe one’s name is Fitrakis-sp.?) & Greg Palast, an expert in this field.
    This is why Bernie supporters are so sad & angry & not “sore losers.”
    We wuz robbed. All of us.

  2. I think he won Illinois too but he lost Ohio and he lost Florida big. I am no Hillary fan but that is what hurt him that night after the big Michigan win. So now we need to look at the future, we need to make him budget chair where he can implement the agenda most of us here would like. Freds blog is a great place for us to lean on backsliding democrats. I know how deflated I was when I found out Rahm was going to Os administration and O and the dems paid in 2010. Well maybe we will do better with Hill. From wikileaks we know she leans toward the easiest route……we just need to make sure that pursuing progressve goals by law And regulation. I will gladly post some of the Senators that can and will lean on her to keep on the path . I know those who focus on finance ,trade,the environment and animals and Fred knows everyone on education. …….And we know Podesta is more interested in getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery compared to Rahm who was more interested in screwing his partys base.

  3. Oh as far as the media out to get the orange facist……this event proved the opposite. I posted that night that I was concerned about reports of violence by the anti facist protesters and Fred posted the pictures and as far as I know the media never corrected those reports.

  4. Sanders did win Il.It was stolen in cook county.The Ballot Integrity Project & Who’ s Counting org. did a 5% ballot recount @ pershing rd.Board of Elections & found thr B.O.E.’s official count differed substantially from the recount resulting in a lawsuit in federal court (northern district).Also Adams County il. polls closed @noon on election day because of ballot shortages. Lisa Madigan ( attorney general & clinton delegate) refused to act to reopen polls.5 other counties polling places also closed early.

    1. 100% agree, Daniel–in fact, I was referencing B.I.P. & Who’s Counting above. &–what happened in Adams County also happened elsewhere in the state (had clipped a newspaper article referencing such activity, but gave it to a fellow election board watcher, so don’t have it in front of me at the moment). Talked to an Iowa Bernie delegate who’d told me that there was tremendous irregularity there, in Polk County (e.g., local DC people were supposed to have “caucus watchers,” who never came, coin tosses determining winner, etc.) Since Iowa was the first state voting, we know how crucial that win was…& Bernie “lost” by a mere %age.
      In fact, if any of you are interested (& you can make Public Comment if you’d like–it’s not as difficult as it is at CPS or City Council!) come down to the Chicago Board of Elections Meetings–they’re holding them every Tuesday at 9 AM from now through the November 8th election. (However, make sure you check the website every day before–even on the day of–because they often change the date {sometimes have a day earlier or a day later, or change the time}–but it’s always posted on the Chicago Board of Elections website. They’re located in the 6th floor Conference Room at 69 W. Washington–easy to get to. It would be great to have more citizen-watchers

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