WikiLeaks. All was not going well with the early, no-strings NEA Clinton endorsement. The vote was nearly delayed.


Hillary Clinton and NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia.

An email from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta to Hillary Clinton described how things were not going smoothly  for the NEA endorsement within the National Education Association leadership. The email was part of the Podesta WikiLeaks dump.

Many among rank-and-file NEA members were critical of the early endorsement and the way it was shoved down the members’ throats.


Here’s the status of things, which you may already have been briefed on. Executive Committee of 7 (3 officers and 4 others)) voted unanimously to endorse. Next step is the PAC Committee, which is weighted by PAC participation and the votes are there to endorse. Final step is a vote of the full 120 member Board where the threshold for endorsement is 58%.

Sanders forces are working furiously to put off an endorsement. We do not have certainty on hitting the 58% threshold despite the intense work of Lilly and John Stocks. You are scheduled to see the full Board on Saturday morning. John’s assessment is that your appearance is critical if they are going to get the endorsement this weekend. There is some risk though that you show up and they remain uncertain of a successful vote so that they put it off for further work by the leadership.

They will not call the vote unless they are certain that they will hit the threshold. Downside is that the Sanders people will spin that notwithstanding the PAC Committee recommendation, the Board delayed action. All here assess that it’s worth the risk and that you should show up and try to get the endorsement now. If the vote is delayed, Lily and John will say this is a multi-layered process and good progress was made by securing the PAC Committee recommendation. I wanted you to have a good sense of the state of play, because they have to let people know that you will be there no later than tomorrow early am. I and the rest of the team think you should confirm participation, but wanted to give you a chance to discuss if you have a different view.

3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks. All was not going well with the early, no-strings NEA Clinton endorsement. The vote was nearly delayed.

  1. Wisely, Randi met with Podesta in person so as not to put any dealings in writing, but we all see the outcome – jumping in bed with billionaire reformer Tom Steyer, funding Hillary’s policy shop The Opportunity Institute, who for some reason believes annual testing is a civil right. But worse, they are putting into the law a whole slew of new federal policies to reimagine the teaching profession and work towards a reform-compliant workforce.

    I never saw a good argument that the teachers were the problem, but I did see lots of bad reform policies pushed through by pay-for-play.

  2. And I just re-read your September, 2015 article in In These Times, citing the leadership of four state NEA affiliates–Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey & Vermont–not in favor of the NEA leaders very early endorsement of HRC. A delay would have been appropriate, certainly in that there were no demands made attached to the endorsement.
    “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and it never will.”
    -Frederick Douglass
    The CTU leaders certainly understand (& demand!) get this.
    When–if ever–will NEA (&, for that matter, AFT) leadership get on board with this concept?
    Or–do two of the largest unions be merely satisfied with “a seat at the table?” (These seats, probably, topped off by whoopee cushions.)
    Oh, wait–my mistake–that effect was promoted in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals–but involved eating LOTS of beans before attending a meeting
    (& it did work!).

  3. Our union leaders are a disgrace. At least the CWA did it democratically, asking the entire membership to vote. Whether we get Hillary or the tRump, public education and public school teachers will continue getting screwed. Obama took NCLB and amped it up in a way that none of us could imagine, by installing his basketball buddy Arne Duncan,and then the disgraced John King. If one looks at who is surrounding and donating to the Clinton campaign, it seems Hillary will likely double down on Obama’s War on Public Schools. Curious to see who she picks to run the U.S. Education Department.

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