While traveling I received this letter from an engaged retiree. Holding pension thieves accountable.



I hope you’re enjoying your time away — as Mickey Mantle said: “You play for the memories” — many moons ago, you mentioned that come election time you would list the names of those running for office who chose to be part of the “Liars and Thieves Club”; those who voted to steal our pensions — would it be too much of an imposition to publish that “Hit List” again — it helps to keep these ( your choice of adjective ) accountable for their decisions —
-A reader

Dear reader,
Thanks for wanting to hold folks accountable. Folks including me.
Since I first published that list over four years ago, a lot has changed. Most importantly, the court has ruled – as you know – SB1 unconstitutional. Many legislators who voted to cut our pensions were opportunists who knew better. Many were just stupid or lazy.
I have talked to many legislators who said that now that the court has ruled, they would not vote for pension cutting again.
I don’t believe them.
I don’t believe that given the issues on the table in this election, publishing a list of those who voted for SB1 is appropriate. My first agenda item is to give Donald Trump a thrashing. Second on my list would be to defeat any Rauner supporters in the state legislature. And if I lived in a district with an unapologetic pension thief I would work to defeat them.

3 Replies to “While traveling I received this letter from an engaged retiree. Holding pension thieves accountable.”

  1. Since you want to give Donald Trump a thrashing, I thought this video is appropriate. He ‘hits the nail on the head”. I am amazed that people accept such vulgarities.

    176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ…


    Published on Sep 13, 2016
    How did we get here? It’s easy to forget. In the debut episode of his new series, “The Closer,” GQ’s Keith Olbermann tallies the most outrageous of Donald Trump’s offenses in what is now his 15-month assault on American democracy.

  2. Here’s are the choices for Legislative District 56 (Schaumburg, northern part of Roselle): On the one hand, there’s Michelle Mussman, Democrat, “pension thief,” and whose reelection Madigan funds generously. Michelle is quite aware of the facts about the “unfunded liability” and every detail about State pensions, yet voted for Sb 1. Although her husband is a teacher and future TRS retiree, Michelle has sold her soul to Madigan on pensions. I can’t imagine the discussions between Michelle and her husband. Other than pensions, her voting record is generally good.

    Michelle’s Republican opponent is Jillian Bernas, a Rauner automaton; a young ignoramus who didn’t even know that Illinois’ teachers and other public employees do not contribute to or qualify for Social Security. Jillian thought that it would be a snap to eliminate Illinois’ five pension systems over night and put everyone on Social Security the following day. In the simple, naive, Republican mind of Jillian, all State employees ought to have 401k retirement plans. Unsurprisingly, Jillian knew nothing about the history or current state of Illinois’ finances, or anything else. Jillian is the perfect Rauner / Republican specimen — ignorant, malleable, and completely dependent on “Sugar Daddy” Bruce for bad ideas and money. When confronted with the fact that 401k plans at our middle income level would be a supplement to Social Security and that no public employee with an ounce of brains would ever trade his or her defined benefit TRS pension for a 401k plan, Jillian said, “I’ll have to look into it.”

    When I talked one to one with Jillian, she tried to convince me with the moldy Republican line that I’d be “in charge of managing my own retirement finances” and that would be a “good thing.” I told her that it’s a “far better thing” for me, most likely for 99% of TRS annuitants, and the State to have the professional financial experts hired by the TRS Board to manage our retirement investments. Again, Jillian replied, “I’ll have to look into it.” It didn’t take me long to discover that I was talking to a bag of rocks. My emphatic parting words to her were, “Just keep looking!!!”

    If you were a voter in District 56, how would you vote… Michelle Mussman or Jillian Bernas? Is it any worse in other districts?

  3. The number of people receiving food stamps in Illinois is growing faster than the state’s population. More than 100,000 Illinoisans have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, since 2011.

    In fact, participation in SNAP has increased almost 6 percent, while the total Illinois population has only grown 0.2 percent. The percentage of the total Illinois population that receives SNAP benefits has grown as well. In 2016, 15 percent of Illinois residents are participating in SNAP, up from 14.2 percent in 2011.

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