There are people and then there are people.


By Pasqual LoPresti. Pasqual is a retired city worker.

There are people and then THERE ARE PEOPLE.

The first group are “TAKERS”. They are run by self-greed. They will take anything they can. If it’s not attainable, they will plot and devise a way to grab it no matter the suffering it will bring others. I guess that’s their happiness in life. Best examples in Illinois we are so lucky to have two of them at the head of our governments, the DISHONORABLE 9 HOUSE and the DISHONORABLE 9 FINGERS, to which in turn are attached with puppet strings to the ONE PERCENTERS. In street and alley talk we dub those “HEARTLESS ASSHOLES”

But we are fortunate to have a second group of people I refer to the”HEART AND HONOR GROUP”. Those are the JEFFs, TROYs, FREDs, (yes even tho he wore that Dodger hat), KARENs, and many more. These people are gifts to us to neutralize the power of the “ASSHOLES” group. IF they see you on the ground and defenseless, they won’t go into your pocket to see if you have anything of value to take. They extend their hand, help you up, dust you off, and see what kind of help they can offer you. These are the people we need in power to guide us on our paths as a unified people to improve the WAY OF LIFE FOR ALL. I feel I can say this for all my brothers and sisters on our site “City Workers Present and Past”


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