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  1. For those of you who have not yet voted, I would urge you to wait until Nov. 8th, if you can (I know, I know–it may be crazy at your polling place, esp. in Chicago–that’s why I’m going to be a poll watcher). Reason being, only on election day can you request a paper ballot–& you should, to ensure that your vote remains your vote. Unfortunately, w/the machines, there was (proven) election (no, not voter fraud, according to Trump–there is a difference, & voter fraud, these days, is rare) fraud in the March 15th Dem Primary. There is a lawsuit pending against the Chicago Bd. of Elections, & there was an outside audit done which did, indeed, show grave discrepancies in C.B.o.E.’s auditing (I will post the link to the company’s report later). Additionally, there’s another pending lawsuit in California, and one was filed in NY. Additional reports of election fraud have come in from numerous counties/states from across the country. If you want to help in the Chicago area by being a poll watcher or participating in the after-election audit watch, I will also post info. on where to attend training/how to sign up.

    1. I would encourage those who plan to vote against Trump and for good down ticket candidates to vote as early as they can to ensure the vote is cast. Early voting, along with same-day registration, is a reform many have fought long and hard for and should be taken advantage of to demonstrate why both early voting and same-day registration are desired by the voters.

  2. Here are links as to where you can find information as to where to sign up for training to be a poll watcher &/or an after-election audit observer:

    To see the outside agency (BKD) audit report for the March 15th Primary, go to: http://appchicagoelections.com/documents/general/G2016-BKD-5-Percent-Audit-Report.pdf
    (The report is only 15 pages, & the gaps are easily read, as they are in red.)

  3. Vote on Paper – It Is Safer – that is on Election Day or Vote By Mail – volunteers with Who’s Counting? – Chicago caught the Chicago Board of Elections red handed during the 5% Audit of our votes – erasing votes, adding votes, not counting votes, and other unlawful behavior. All on the Early Vote in Chicago. We are suing about this unlawful behavior but as I said it is best to understand that voting on a paper ballot is safer – better for recounts too. You can read more about this issue and other election related issues at Who’s Counting? – Chicago on FB.

    1. Safer than what? It seems unlikely that in Chicago there would be vote stealing from the Democrats. Vote early. Fight for same day registration.

  4. Fred – In Chicago the Democrats are flipping our votes and they stole Bernie’s win in the primaries. Here is a full report by Election Justice USA lawyer, statisticians and researchers: http://bradblog.com/Docs/Democracy_Lost_Update1_EJUSA_080216.pdf So those of us who are not voting for Hillary are very concerned about the integrity of our vote. They have also manipulated the vote during aldermanic and mayoral races as well, and there is evidence that they manipulated the votes away from Gov. Quinn in 2014. So Vote on Paper – It is safer than the hack able, electronic voting machines!
    Paper Ballots are not a panacea against election fraud but they are more easily recounted.


    1. Again, early voting and same day registration are reforms historically opposed by those who want to suppress the vote. Governor Quinn lost because he betrayed his base, not because Chicago Democrats manipulated the vote against him for Rauner. We elected progressive alderman in our city wards and progressive state reps on the northwest side because we got out a big enough vote that it could not be stolen by the Machine.
      I am disturbed by those who I assume were supporters of Bernie Sanders that are organizing a campaign to oppose early voting. This closely aligns with right-wing forces who view expansion of voting opportunities because they correctly see expanding voting opportunity as a benefit to minority and young voters.
      Black voters in North Carolina, for example, have seen polling places closed in their neighborhoods. They would want expanded early voting, online voting and other ways to have their voice represented.
      Vote early.

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