How your IEA IPACE dues are being used.


Rauner’s Illinois GOP Senate Leader and IEA endorsed Christine Radogno.

Yesterday I wrote about the strange decision of the Illinois Education Association to support a yes vote for the Illinois Constitutional amendment that would guarantee the road construction industry gets its money ahead of everyone else struggling for limited state revenue.

The Center for Budget and Tax Accountability has recommended against the amendment.

I voted no. But the problem is that the road construction industry has cleverly named it the Safe Roads Amendment, so it will probably pass. Most Illinois voters have spent their time and attention on the Presidential election and the race between Tammy Duckworth and Mark Kirk in the Senate race.

Although the IEA has endorsed Duckworth, Kirk is a perennial favorite of the IEA.

Take a look at the other state candidates the IEA has endorsed.

A reader wanted me to post all the names of Illinois legislators who voted for pension theft and SB1. I didn’t want to do that. After all, the court has ruled and many of them have come to their senses. Or at least they recognize the reality of the pension protection clause.

Others, like IEA-endorsed State Representative Elaine Nekritz, would still like to get her hands on our pensions.

If it were up to me, I still wouldn’t support State Representative Scott Drury, who broke with labor and the Democratic majority and handed Governor Rauner a major political victory on SB 1229. But the IEA went ahead and endorsed Drury.

But the most amazing IEA endorsement is the one for Senate GOP Leader Christine Radogno. She is Rauner’s woman in the state Senate. There is no light showing between her and the anti-labor turnaround agenda of the Governor.

You should know that when you contribute to IEA’s IPACE, your money goes to her.

4 Replies to “How your IEA IPACE dues are being used.”

  1. Is anyone surprised about that endorsement? (&, Fred, you manage to find the most flattering pictures of these charlatans!)
    Exactly one of the reasons why I no longer belong to IEA/NEA. Split-personality on politics, at best, membership money-wasters* (& uncaring as to what the rank-&-file think, at worst)That having been said, I would NOT recommend quitting to active members–locals are important & viable & necessary to help teachers keep their jobs–keep them strong &, as Lee Camp would say, keep fighting!
    *Never forget the $4 million to Kirk Dillard, former IL Chairman of ALEC, in the gubernatorial race, when that (your!) money could have been well-spent choosing someone to primary Quinn.

  2. I’m a local president- this process makes me consider resigning every election.

    “Electibility” is the cart drawing the horse. Our endorsement of candidates who are progressive friends of education should determine electability.

    Endorsing pension thieves, stand for child remotes and “reformers” because they are electable is eminently harmful

  3. Morty–I’ll bet members of your local are grateful for your leadership (even though they might not say it/show it very often). Please keep on keeping on, with eyes on your colleagues & local board, rather than on state lunkheads–er, I mean, leaders.

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