2 Replies to “Rahm’s comeback.”

  1. Did y’all catch a glimpse of him on the field last night? (He was hugging someone–Rickets, I think.) It was only on 1 station, so I quickly changed channels.
    I suppose he’ll take credit for this, as well. Meanwhile, read that he’s been out & about for HRC & with Obama.
    What about the 41 shootings (& 17 deaths) this past weekend, & that there were extra patrols out at Wrigley this weekend (I know–to keep the crowds from taking down & carrying around the barriers…which they did, anyway), rather than policing where it was most needed?

  2. The money is there. Chicago is not broke.
    The corruption called government is bleeding the city and its finances dry for quick money going to fat cat buddies. Rahm and his ilk are increasing security forces to protect their sorry asses. Thieves and sociopaths are like that.

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