The incoherent politics of the IEA and NEA.

Scott Michael Greene being sought by Des Moines and Urbandale Police Departments investigators for two Iowa police officers shot dead in separate "ambush-style" killings

Eight hours after the ambush murder of two Des Moines police officers, officials announced the arrest of Scott Michael Greene who had previously been arrested for provocations related to the Confederate battle flag.

I wrote on Tuesday about the IEA’s IPACE endorsement of Illinois’ GOP Senate Leader Christine Radogno.

My brother writes on the topic today.

I really don’t understand what the IEA can be thinking, even though I have taken part in IPACE endorsement meetings for years.

I have frequently left them scratching my head.

What possible rationale could the state union leadership give for endorsing Rauner’s loudest voice in the Illinois legislature?

I know they weight incumbency and electability heavily in their endorsement calculations. Yet they leave plenty of legislative seats go without an endorsement. Yet Radogno?


What turned out to be my last major effort to influence the NEA was my introduction of an anti-confederate flag resolution at the 2015 NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando.

After hours of debate, the resolution passed overwhelmingly.

The NEA leadership had one year to act on the New Business Item – a year that delegates also voted to target institutional racism.

When the year was over I received word that my resolution against the flying of the Confederate battle flag in public spaces had resulted in a single solitary action by the NEA leadership. Somebody in NEA headquarters had drafted a piece of model legislation that state and local affiliates could take to their elected representatives.

I have not heard if any affiliates have acted on it.

If they had, I think I would have heard something.

Then there is this:

On Wednesday morning, two Des Moines police officers were murdered. Eight hours later Scott Michael Greene was arrested as a suspect.

In a recent YouTube video, a man who appears to be Greene is escorted by officers from a high school football game after he held up a confederate flag while sitting near several black audience members.

In debating the nature of the Confederate flag, we said the flag was more than symbolic.

It is a battle flag for white supremacy.

In a year that the organization claimed it was taking on institutional racism, could the NEA have done more than draft and mail out copies of model legislation?

What do you think?

3 Replies to “The incoherent politics of the IEA and NEA.”

  1. I believe in unions. I believe in teachers’ unions. That said, IEA and NEA have long since failed to represent or failed get for teachers, students, schools or communities. Like many organizations, they have become self perpetuating bureaucracies.

  2. The msm did not report that. I guess because he isn’t Muslim. I have not seen who IFT endorsed but I was just at a GOTV operation against a Raunerite…..a very impressive one.

  3. I got an SEIU mailer with endorsements with no Rs but why not endorse democrats in near hopeless races so it looked like no endorsement in LaHood at federal and I don’t think they endorsed in Radognos.Btw just saw an ad for Zepher Teachout on WPIX……she is running against Albany corruption. I guess her opponent has an Albany background. Interesting we are far worse than NY because we have Springfield corruption and Rainer insanity. I do like what she did not only do the Raunerites need to go but no one from Springfield deserve a promotion. It would be nice. If only our unions….

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