Keeping retirement weird. Vote for Yosemite Dave.

Even though I haven’t seen Driftwood (aka Yosemite Dave) Dave Axelrod since my 4oth high school reunion in Los Angeles nearly eleven years ago, he has my unqualified support and endorsement in his race for the Tuolumne Utilities (TUD) Board in Sonora, California near Yosemite National Park.

Driftwood Dave Axelrod (aka Yosemite Dave) and I went to Fairfax High School together.

Unfortunately I can’t vote for him for two reasons.

One is that I already voted last week.

The other is that I don’t live in Sonora.

But if I did, Driftwood Dave would have my vote.

His campaign slogan is, “I am all about water — conservation, competence, courtesy and common sense.”


Trust me. If Hillary had run with that slogan, she wouldn’t be still struggling to beat that wanker, Trump.

The second trust me. Water is the issue of the present and the future. All you have to do is follow what is going on in Standing Rock, North Dakota where thousands of people have gathered to defend Native lands and water rights.

The third trust me. If Hillary Clinton would finally come out with a firm stand in support of the fight in Standing Rock, her election would be a lock.

Here is Dave with me and my old high school pals at our 40th reunion back in 2006.


That’s Driftwood Dave in the upper left of the photograph. That’s me in the lower right.

If you live in Sonora, vote for Dave.


It’s not too late.

Support #NoDAPL.

I’m pretty sure Dave would share his campaign slogan with you.

“I am all about water — conservation, competence, courtesy and common sense.”

One thought on “Keeping retirement weird. Vote for Yosemite Dave.

  1. Headline: “Taxpayers Spending $10 Million on Dakota Pipeline Crackdown”
    By teleSUR
    04 November 16

    North Dakota just approved another US$4 million to spend on law enforcement efforts, which have already led to the arrests of about 400 protesters.
    North Dakota is paying US$10 million in tax dollars to fund the police crackdown against the thousands of Native Americans and allies impeding the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

    Governor Jack Dalrymple convinced an emergency spending panel to borrow US$4 million from the state’s public bank on Tuesday, reported the Rapid City Journal.

    The law enforcement effort against the protesters — self-dubbed “water protectors” against what they consider a culturally and environmentally disastrous pipeline — has included private contractors, the National Guard and officers from out of state. About 400 have been arrested, mostly for vandalism, rioting and criminal trespass on company land, which protesters say is rightfully tribal land or illegally usurped through eminent domain.

    Dalrymple declared a state of emergency in August to be able to access extra funds. His argument rested on the accusation that protesters were violent and carrying weapons, which every group there denied.

    He said that spending on the crackdown, which has in some cases involved military-grade equipment, has mostly come from the state, but that he has also appealed to the federal government, the pipeline company, a Native American tribe and “any entity we can think of,” reported the Rapid City Journal.

    About US$8 million has been spent by the National Guard and US$3 million by the county where the camps are centered, it added.
    I can’t help but wonder if the citizens of N. Dakota think this is the best usage of their tax dollars. The pipeline is scheduled to go under the Missouri River, one mile from native sacred lands. It is also supposed to go under the Mississippi River. What is the cost of a leak?

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