2 Replies to “My S.W.A.G. election eve forecast.”

  1. I will join the guessing. Illinois Senate and comptroller go D. D’s gain in state house . nationally send gain 5 Senate seats…..Keep NV….add IL WI PA NH and some combo from the rest of the close states plus 20 in house and some in other state leg races. mass 2 will lose but farm animals will win there.Pot will be mixed win some lose some.That stupid Ilinois road thing will barely win so you and Glen can entertain me with some more on IEA leadership..such that it is.

  2. Ha, ha…you’ve out-Silvered Nate Silver!
    Actually, what that Gilda Radner/Emily Litella (sp.-?) picture to the right of this post says, “Never mind!”

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