Hard times.


Photo: P.B. Lowry

I knew it early when Florida looked bad.

Anne wanted to stay up and wait for some closure.

I went to bed. Then I got up and watched some more. Then went back to bed. There was no going to sleep. So I got up again.

When I was a kid and there was a crisis somewhere in the world involving walls in Berlin or missiles in Cuba – and there always seemed to be a crisis somewhere in the world – I remember spending Sunday mornings in church.

This is an odd thing to do for a family of atheists. Reverend Stephen Fritchman was the long-time minister of the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles. He also was an atheist.

Unitarians. You know.

But in times of stress or fear it was natural to seek community.

We need community now.

There is a little time to analyze what happened last night.

And then go back to doing what we always do: Fight to make it better.

I’m thinking we need to do it with a little more urgency now.

Hillary won a slim majority of the popular vote, but nearly half of American voters, particularly in some swing states, went for the bullshit of racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred of those who are foreign born.

It is a very dangerous bunch who now control the reigns of power in the United States.

Yet, if Hillary had won by a couple of percentage points in Michigan or Pennsylvania still nearly half of us would have voted for racism, misogyny, homophobia and the hatred of those who are foreign born.

Hillary’s win and Trump’s defeat would simply have perpetuated the anti-democratic, corporate deceit that forced her on us and produced the motivation for people to align themselves with the racists in the first place.

I voted for Hillary and encouraged others to do the same.

But the truth is that the rabid racism and hatred of the Trumpers and the Corporate Democrats are polar opposites. In reality, the former is the logical outgrowth of the latter. The only thing the Hillary Democratic leadership and campaign were able to offer voters was a continuation of the structural conditions that led to so many facing crazy  hard times, combined with fanatical fear-mongering over the consequences of a Trump outcome.

This morning as I sit here I know that there are hard times ahead.

Reverand Fritchman is long gone.

The need for community remains.

7 Replies to “Hard times.”

  1. She won the popular vote and finished down 8 in Texas. Everything you just said is right. I just hope it is not too late but I really fear it is.

  2. Big problems in this country are not going to be solved by those in power starting Jan 2017. I cannot believe what has happened and I fear for this country as well as for this planet. Before I read your entry I too thought of church. A place I have not been in decades. I hope I still have a vote in the next 4 years. I am so distraught I cannot function today.

  3. Dear America,
    As long as I can remember in my long life, we were told ad infinitum that “it can’t happen here.” Guess what!? It just did!

  4. OMG. I never expected the nation to be so unintelligent! Our education system shares blame for not giving students the skills to evaluate and research that which they read and hear. Little emphasis has been placed on the history of our nation or the fact that public education’s purpose is to create an informed electorate. Obviously, when a reality tv celebrity can be elected to the highest office in our great nation without one iota of knowledge or experience in governing, the system failed.

    I am very scared when the repeal of the Dodd-Frank, the Glass Steagall Act, vulgar/disrespectful speech, vindictive behavior, . . .are at stake! How long will it take to repair the damage Trump causes? How many lives will be lost in the global conflicts and escalation that ensues? How many lives will be lost to the repeal of Roe vs Wade? How much less money will will women be forced to accept? How much sexual abuse will women have to endure from men (bosses)? …

    I recently retired. I am SCARED! Will I have to go back to work when the hedge fund investors cause another recession/depression? Will Illinois now find a way to steal the pension to which I am entitled because I put 9% out of every paycheck in the pension system?

    I read your blog faithfully and Glen Brown’s, too. Please continue to give your insights and recommendations. Right now I need the comfort of knowing there is some sanity left.

    1. You will be OK but those with 401ks won’t.I think end is DF will lead to financial collapse. No bailout this time. The blood bath internationally could be stunning. I expect him to trade with Putin…say you can have Ukraine if you let me kill the Iranians.Putin wants Europe he could care less if Trump wants to obliterate the Islamic world. What is scary is we do have the military capability to kill at mind boggling levels.

  5. Yep happened here and the reactions in Berlin and Moscow today tell it all. The legacy media doesnt get it at all they are worrying about the Clintons….they and the other members of the weimer republic need to go away

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