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  1. Its been quicker than that on voting with the Orange….but Nixon had a democratic congress……trump has republicans……Trump is a lot worse than Nixon. He would never resign..Nixon had some decency Trump has none…..Nixon set up the EPA. He actually told even private companies how much profit they could make….something even i balk at. I just want them to pay their taxes…..I could go on Lets just say the long national nightmare is beginning.

    1. Nixon also created OSHA, appointed moderates to labor boards, and when U.S. government employees went on strike, he negotiated a settlement, no one was fired for striking.
      When Reagan got in, early on in his first term, he forced a strike of air traffic controllers and then fired them all. He then stacked the government labor board that heard the union’s appeal. The board did not reinstate the workers, and instead de-certified the union. This encouraged private sector companies to do similar things, and private sector unions have been in decline ever since then.
      Trump is now parroting Rauner, saying the US government has a “huge amount of fraud, waste, and corruption”. This is going to be a rough 4 years.

  2. Keith Ellison for DNC that would give me hope…dems claning swamp while swamp creature goes to white house…….I hope you will do a painting of him soon.

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