How many times did I hear it yesterday morning?

“What was I going to tell my students?”

“What was I going to tell my kids?”

On my phone and on my email the sadness was palpable.

Anger? Yes.

Sadness? Mostly.

I had to get out of the house. I went and grabbed my gym bag and went to work out. I put on my boxing gloves and pounded the big bag for 45 minutes.

When I got home I received a text from one of my daughters who teaches in Manhattan that her students had walked out of class to join street protests that were going on all over New York.

“Wow. Where are you u.”

“At school w/ students who stayed behind. It happened really fast.”

Here in Chicago thousands marched in protest to Trump Tower. That same news story was reported in cities across the country.

Trump has made his promises. Hillary made hers. Now it is our turn.

“Not our president,” chanted the protesters.

He’s certainly not mine.

The media has already created a phony meme about this election: A huge rebellion of rural white men and some rural white women against modernity and a changing American demographic.

That meme is not supported by the numbers.

Trump underperformed both Romney and McCain in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio, the very states that gave him the win.

But the real story is that Hillary and the Democrats did worse.

They got 10 million fewer votes than Obama received in 2008.

They got 6 million fewer votes than Obama got in 2012.

Those voters didn’t turn Republican. They weren’t rebelling against modernity or changing demographics.

They were rebelling against a corrupt and unresponsive Democratic Party leadership.

14% of Obama Democratic Party voters stayed home. The choice of the Democratic Party leadership was such a bad one that even the fear of a Trump presidency wouldn’t move them.

Even the manipulations of Hillary campaign boss John Podesta wouldn’t work.

The Democrats handed Trump this victory by insisting on the worst possible candidate who represented all that is despised by large numbers of what should be the Democratic Party base. And I don’t mean angry white men. Millions of progressive white folks, Hispanic and African American voters would not turn out for the Democrats.

In cities like Chicago, which is the reason our red state is blue, hundreds of thousands of African Americans have been forced to leave. Unions, the traditional base of the Democratic Party in the cities, have been attacked by Democratic Party mayors like Rahm Emanuel. Gentrification has moved poor voters out and turned the central city into play grounds and condos for the rich.

We carried Illinois. But in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, the cities could not save their states.

There’s not much good we can take from Tuesday’s vote.

But the protests in the streets last night are a beginning of our response.

They are the seeds.

6 Replies to “Seeds.”

  1. Do not agree that Dem choice was so bad,,,,,, Furthermore, if it takes the perfect candidate to get to the polls to vote against bigotry, hatred, ignorance and violence then that is elitist and very sad.

  2. What made Illinois so dark blue has been the I 74 corridor and the Mississippi valley…that is the same area that made WI and IA marginally blue. Knox county went for Carol Mosley Brown. I wonder if it’s demographic plus deindustrialization. The democrats have moved and the FDR generation is sadly gone.I am not sure….regardless she and the Democratic corporatist are dismal and I could find you some people who told me they would rather have had Bernie but they were just so angry…..Anyway the dismal Hillary did actually win just as Gore did. This nonsense about the perfection of our system is just stupid and I have real gear we are going to see just how stupid it is.

  3. And now the Russians are openly bragging about how they have been in constant touch with Trump. That NSA is sure on top of things.We are in a James Bond movie with only the villains.

  4. The IEA is tweeting incoherently but IFT revealed the real plot back Hillary let Trump take over tank the country….and ensure a Rainer defeat in 2018. Their tweet did say that. well the last part …..but how silly they assume there will be any more elections.

  5. Let’s not forget, this ELECTION WAS THROWN by FBI director Comey. His first letter was sent out just in time for early voting. Then the second letter clearing Clinton was sent out the Saturday before election day. As of that Saturday, some 40 million votes had already been cast in the presidential election—all of them without the knowledge that the FBI’s inquiry has once again concluded without criminal charges. This includes more than 18 million votes cast in 12 battleground states.

    (CNN) — “Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s decision to notify Congress about his bureau’s review of emails potentially related to Hillary Clinton’s personal server, law enforcement officials familiar with the discussion said”.

    Both Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates could have ordered Comey to hold off sending that letter. They had authority, they were his bosses. He showed them the first letter before he sent it out. Instead of ordering him to hold off until the “new” e-mails were actually checked, they just expressed concern that “it would be against policy”. The one time they needed to use their administrative authority to prevent this, they dropped the ball. Comey’s actions violated the law, but he will not get in any trouble for it, he has all his ducks in a row. He showed it to his superiors and notified them of his intentions in advance. He can say he interpreted “no order to not send” the letter as permission to send it. When Trump gets in, Lynch and Yates are out the door. Comey will get a raise.

  6. Did your daughter write the white board pictured? Good for her! (Should be copied & posted in all classrooms all over the country.)
    “Bernie was unelectable”…”we endorsed the Dem candidate who was most electable”–NEA/IEA (& all but 4 state affiliated leaders agreed–MA, NJ &–correct me if I’m wrong–NH & VT).
    To see the Congress turn majority GOP is another horror & result of below-named-responsible.
    Whose fault is this outcome? (& please, step up & take responsibility, so you can do what you MUST do in the next elections)–
    #1–Democratic National Committee & G-d-awful, arrogant, elitist leaders.
    Rather than blame Russia (many of us don’t think WikiLeaks has much to do w/Russia), look at what YOU did: had there not been such vitriolic plotting (& you all were stupid enough to write in e-mails which, frankly, ANYONE could have hacked!!), there would have been nothing to hack!!!
    And then–even more arrogance–you depose DWS (who, hopefully, will be known as a footnote in history, as people will simply come to look at those initials as standing for Designer Shoe Warehouse!), but, then, HRC offers her some position in her campaign, & THEN her FL district re-elects her!!
    (Tim Canova, did you challenge her w/in the time limits? If you did, promise to send you a check to help cover legal fees.)
    #2– Unions who VERY EARLY endorsed (w/o ANY rank-&-file input) HRC, backing the wrong horse.You picked a candidate just loaded w/baggage. If we HAD to have a woman, could it not have been Sen. Elizabeth Warren or, perhaps, Rep. Jan Schakowsky? Come ON!!
    &, speaking of early– all you were asked to do was to wait until at least after the first primary debate. As so eloquently state in the movie, Caddyshack, “Thanks for nuttin’!”
    #3–Sorry about this (REALLY sorry)–but I (& others I know, as well)–have to fault the Sanders Campaign for not having “lawyers on the ground,”* & challenging election results in numerous states where there was, indeed, election (not voter–ELECTION) fraud–there’s a big difference, & I was well-schooled in this by people who have been working on this issue for nearly 20 years. Right now, there’s a lawsuit pending in Chicago regarding this very issue, & lawsuits occurred in both NY & CA. It’s ironic, now–I just heard a Clinton surrogate say, yesterday night, that CA vote-counting wasn’t yet finished, & yet the state was called. Hmmm…when was the last time I heard THAT one? Oh, right, it was after (& even before!! Remember AP calling CA for Hillary the DAY BEFORE the primary election?!) But, right, Bernie people are “a bunch of sore losers.”
    #4–Mainstream Media–newspapers, broadcast stations, CNN, MSNBC (ESPECIALLY MSNBC {except for Chris Hayes & Lawrence O’Donnell, who maintained, I feel, professional journalistic standards}). Chris Matthews–a BIG baby (did you see him whining & crying the other night? And–that’s the ONLY night I’ve watched since Rachel Maddow lead off a show w/people throwing chairs at a WWE Hulk Hogan match, making her audience connect this w/the NV Dem Convention, where Bernie people “reportedly” threw chairs {&, of course, they didn’t–some DNC/HRC supporter would have recorded the actual event}.) Still waiting for an apology from Maddow (won’t hold my breath–somehow, she doesn’t realize that her show is on MSNBC, & is not Sat. Night Live on NBC).

    &, yes, I do indeed mean the caps (although I’d bold face, normally, if I could), because I am, indeed, yelling, as I imagine are many of you these days.

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