Keeping retirement weird. Dark days and beautiful days.


Hugo Gellert Untitled (March for Peace this May Day) 1951. Charcoal on paper. 38 1/4″ x 24 1/4″ (97.2 x 61.6 cm). Study for a poster.

We are in New York City this weekend to celebrate a daughter’s birthday.

Being in Brooklyn and spending yesterday in Manhattan it is hard to imagine anything that is bad in the world.

Central Park is awash in Fall colors.

The train from Brooklyn into Manhattan, like my elevated in Chicago, was packed with a rainbow of people.

Who could resent this?

How could a demagogue take something so good and make it seem so bad?

While  it is terrible that Chicago has its Mount Greenwood, Trump could get no foothold in our multi-racial, multi-national city.

That is true here in New York as well.

Was it my imagination or were people friendlier than usual?

It seems that it is where white people live alone that hatred and fear of the other is the most powerful thing.

On a tunnel wall that connects 14th Street and 7th Avenue, New Yorkers stuck Post-It notes to subway tiles responding t0 Tuesdays defeat.


In Chicago teachers at North Grand High school spent the evening putting Post-It notes on each students’ locker so they would be greeted in the morning knowing they are safe.


Post-It Note Resistance.

These are the seeds, big and small.

Groups of people gathered across from Trump Tower, the ugly thing protected by rows of police and metal barriers. “Move along,” said the woman in a New York City police uniform.


But not before our family joined other families and snapped a picture.


We stopped at a gallery on 57th Street showing radical art from the 30s.

It was a reminder that this fight is not new. It is not the first time we have had to do battle with the forces of racism and reaction.

We tend to win these fights.

I like it that the Democrats might choose a Muslim Congressman to Chair the DNC.

I like it that notes on Facebook have moved from sadness and grief to anger and a  readiness to fight back.

We only need the plan.

I like it that the talk of some has moved from leaving the country (talk about a privilege) to providing safe houses and escort to those here who are threatened.

It is Saturday in New York. It is a beautiful Fall day. Later we are joining those who are protesting Trump in Union Square at noon.

Then a birthday dinner of Korean barbeque.

It will be Winter soon.

But then Spring.

4 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Dark days and beautiful days.”

  1. We can email/call EVERY U.S. Senator every day until January 20 requesting they take a VOTE on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

  2. Thank you. I will not lose hope. I am a native Chicagoan and Chicago Public School Teacher. My daughter is an English Lit high school Teacher…she teaches at North-Grand high school in Chicago. I am so proud of her.

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