Steve Bannon hates Jews. Liberalism in the age of Donald Trump.


Following Saturday’s protest up Broadway to Trump Tower, Sunday I went to the Meadowlands to watch two of the worst teams in the National Football League play each other.

The Jets and the Los Angeles Rams.

So, again I had to watch a contest between two bad options.

One Jets fan wore a Trump mask and a sign that said, “Make the Jets Great Again.”

Sad, really.

Among the thousands marching on Saturday, the folks around me were convinced that Trump was watching from his castle.  This may be him:


But maybe not.

No matter. He was watching the protests taking place all across the nation, mostly by young people, but including many others who made it clear that Trump is not our President.

Trump tweeted.

Professional protesters? I know Rahm hires those. Since I am in New York I will protest for food. And so we had this great Korean style pork roast at a Manhattan restaurant Saturday night.

Celebrity spotting. Comedian Aziz Ansari was at a nearby table.

The New York Times is reporting that Trump has picked Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus as his Chief of Staff instead of noted anti-Semite Steve Bannon. They seemed relieved that Bannon will be Trump’s senior advisor.

The liberals at the Times also suggest a softening of Trump’s campaign rhetoric in his promise to only deport two million immigrants, the same number as Obama and Bush.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, after campaigning furiously and uncritically for Clinton, now says Trump “understands working families.”

And the Times’ Paul Krugman takes back his predictions of economic disaster under a Trump regime.

“Failure to take action on climate may doom civilization, but it’s not clear why it should depress next year’s consumer spending.”

Well, thank god for that.

Beware of the liberals in the age of Trump.  They are so afraid of a fight that they will try to paint Trump as not so bad after all.

One wrote me that I am not acting like an adult in my response to the Trump election.

That’s fine with me.

Saturday I was protesting in the streets.

And it was mostly with kids.

11 Replies to “Steve Bannon hates Jews. Liberalism in the age of Donald Trump.”

  1. don’t forget it was “kids” protesting in the streets that finally put an end to the Vietnam war. More power to them!

    1. No it was not! It was a G.I. In LT. Calley’s company that one year later send the photos he took of the MY Lia massacre to the news!!! This turn the War!! Congressional inquiry that did the war in. The protest came after the posting of the pics. 300 to 500 Vietnamese villagers were killed by us.

      1. Your version of history would come as a surprise to the hundreds of thousands of us who protested the war long before the 1968 My Lai Massacre. But whatever.

      2. I totally agree that the protests gained huge momentum long before MyLai, a shameful footnote to the whole mess My point is that the kids out there today hopefully can make a difference too

      3. The Vietnam War was ended because of domestic protests and G.I. resistance. They were both real and widespread, and the existence of one doesn’t exclude the other.

  2. Over the weekend I read Trump wants to damage and diminish Medicare and eventually turn it over to private insurance companies. I hope the “kids” will fight back and stand with their grand and great-grand parents if Trump tries that. We will be protesting with our walkers and wheelchairs, but we already know Trumps reaction to the handicapped. He will ignore or mock us seniors but if millions of the “kids” also demonstrate then he will more likely leave Medicare alone.

  3. Professional protestors incited by the media? Laughable. But typical of the emotional 12 year old boy who was elected. (No offense to 12 year old boys but really, at 70, he should be a bit farther along the maturation scale.) I wonder how the trumpet voters will react when he tries to slash Medicare and Medicaid (40% fewer in poverty in KY alone because they expanded Medicaid under the ACA) and then privatize social security. All in the sights of Paul Ryan and M. Pense. How this vile creature got elected is still a mystery. I guess none of his voters read history. Some have even stated that we need a hitler to reclaim this country. Because hitler worked out so well last time?

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