Steve Bannon is a shameless racist. Haters won’t be posted on this site.


Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

In all the years that I have been blogging I have had pretty flexible rules on comments in the comment section.

I screen them, of course. I have never allowed explicitly racist, sexist or homophobic comments.

Yet this is not a Facebook site. I can’t stop anyone from sending me a comment. All I can do is screen them. I can’t unfriend a reader or block a racist from writing me.

I do have a following of trolls. Of course, they don’t include their email address.  They never use their real name. They use pseudonyms or their posts are unsigned.

Some suggest threats.

They have been working overtime since Trump’s election. They think this is a personal defeat for me instead of a potential catastrophe for the world.

This goes along with the increase in hate crimes since Trump’s election that even Voice of America has been  forced to report on.

In the past I would pull a few of the more stupid comments together  every couple of months in a column I called “We Get Letters.” Their comments would included some snarky response from me.

Many readers told me that they loved the snark.

Others thought I shouldn’t give the hate trolls even this much attention.

I have decided to go with those who think I shouldn’t give them any attention.

I won’t read them. I won’t ever post them. I know who they are, so I won’t even be selective and allow the more benign comments through.

No haters here.

10 Replies to “Steve Bannon is a shameless racist. Haters won’t be posted on this site.”

  1. I am more and more convinced that you can remove the adjective potential from before catastrophe.If Obama went to Europe to give some reassurance because he sure isn’t.He is hinting at the Nazis now….I am beyond hinting.

  2. IEA tweets a question..Did free higher education to down with democrats.?…..They know the answer…it went down when IEA endorsed Hillary.

  3. I would think that his Jewish (Orthodox, no less) son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his converted daughter, Ivanka, advise him to put the kabosh on this appointment.

  4. In the same vein–meant to add–that Kushner would help block any Christie appointment (seeing as Christie was the U.S. A.G. who led the prosecution of Kushner’s father, Charles, in Newark in 2005, leading to a prison sentence for Kushner, the elder. Some bad blood, there (no pun intended–aforementioned “vein”), because this, certainly, is no laughing matter.

  5. I found something Bannon was right on…..He disclosed the fact that Paul Ryan was grown in a petrie dish at the Heritage Foundation. That explains a lot……BTW Rauner forces strike with AFSCME. This has possible affect on Sers ans Surs and Jars retiree health care.

  6. Kushner is a holocaust decendant and his dad was a big dem contributor who Christy nailed……this just gets weirder. McCain just detoned over Putin and the Rodgers purge and Bannon quotes Lenin. I guess we have to figure out which 20th century massacre we are facing?…Today looks like Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Wonder what tomorrow brings……Today the French proposed a carbon tariff on us.

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