Not naming names.


Teacher and blogger Arthur Goldstein reports that a UFT resolution, passed by the Executive board of the UFT was changed after the vote, replacing Donald Trump’s name with the words, The Presidential Election.

The Presidential Election by Fred Klonsky

Like many, I was surprised when they declared The Presidential Election the winner over Hillary Clinton. All the polls had predicted that Hillary would beat The Presidential Election by 3 to 6 percentage points.

Both Clinton and The Presidential Election were higly unpopular and many Democrats and Republicans were unhappy with the choices of Clinton and The Presidential Election.

It appears that in the final days, most of the undecided voters broke in favor of The Presidential Election.

This in spite of all that The Presidential Election has done and said during the campaign.

The Presidential Election has promised to deport millions of immigrants.

The Presidential Election has described women in the most degrading terms.

The Presidential Election acted as a demagogue in calling for law and order and appealed to the worst kinds of racism and white supremacy.

The outcome of the election makes me leery of making predictions about how it will be possible for  The Presidential Election to keep the promises that The Presidential Election made to working people.

Can The Presidential Election bring back a lost industrial base, the loss of which is structural.

And what about the basically anti-democratic forces and individuals that The Presidential Election has surrounded himself with?

People like the international racist conspirator, Steve Bannon, seem to have the ear of The Presidential Election.

I think it is important that we name names and call them out.


5 Replies to “Not naming names.”

  1. There is a report that Apple is pushing Foxconn to get more US into the supply chain. I would add this has been under study under pressure from Obama however some fear of Trump may be factor…may…..Foxconn has been looking at the US and more automation so some Japanese robots in California may be the bulk of the labor force. I have been going over the structural issues in manufacturing for some time and except for China I must disagree with Trump and Bernie that it has been neutral to beneficial. China has been harmful. 2 million jobs is the best estimate. They were low paying. In my companies case it was one big declining unprofitable product that we kept making just to keep people employed. We fortunately have a new invention but we just are not getting the new products and technologies at the rate we did before 1970. The big blow this decade isvwe lost a lot of computer jobs and we did not get any of the smartphone jobs. Of the 5 million lost jobs 2 million were China half were southern textile jobs not the Midwestern jobs. The other 3 million were automation heavily in autos…those are the Midwest jobs…..and the other due to outmoded products like printing and desktops and decline in demand from income inequality. Here is the thing…those textile jobs are gone but we’re mostly minimum wage…..There may be some come back from Asia but if Trump goes nuts and goes after countries that also buy a lot of our stuff which is everyone but China it could more than offset any gains from China especially if he goes after the European and Asian car companies and if the rest of the world puts a carbon tax on us which we would deserve it could cost half a million jobs which is the figure I think we could get back from China.Those would be in the smart phone line and some consumer products.I am sorry to go on but I don’t think Trump grasps this and Trade is an important issue and I think it is vital to keep a manufacturing base. We needed to be more agressive than Obama but not crazy like Trump. That is why I voted Sanders.

  2. I must defend O here he has slapped on big tariffs on Chinese steel ….the problem is there us a legal process that needs streamlining. Hillary propsed that but she never focused on it …….The TPP is dead it was more political to surround China. I found a couple of articles on this subject. There is also some disturbing news on pension theft by a very profitable company with a big Illinois presence.

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