Override. Override. Override. Block Sessions.


Democrats should block the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Democrats in the Illinois State Senate voted three times to override three Rauner vetoes of pro-working families and progressive legislation.

The Illinois legislature is meeting briefly this week and later in November in what is called the Veto Session.

And overriding Rauner vetoes is what they are doing.

Senate Dems voted to override Rauners veto of the Automatic Voting Law. If enacted the AVR  requires the Illinois State Board of Elections to build an electronic portal allowing several state agencies, including the Department of Human Services and the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, to automatically register eligible voters who are seeking their services.

Along with the current early voting law, the AVR greatly increases voting democracy in the state.

The Senate also voted to override the Governors veto of SB 2931. The bill  requires the state to pay personal assistants and individual maintenance home health workers who care for people with disabilities through the Home Services Program no less than $15 an hour.

And the Senate overrode Rauner’s veto of a bill blocking state cuts to training programs and health insurance coverage for non-relative, in-home child care providers in the child care assistance program.

All three bills now go to the Illinois House.

At yesterday’s North Lake Shore Illinois Retired Teachers Association luncheon I asked IRTA Executive Director Jim Bachman if he expected an override of the AVR veto in the House.

He said he thought it was likely.

Meanwhile, this morning I read that Trumpf has chosen Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as the head of the Justice Department.

When President Reagan nominated Sessions to be a federal judge, the Senate rejected him for his racism.

Democrats in Washington should follow Illinois’ lead in opposition to Rauner and Trumpf and do whatever it takes to block the Sessions appointment.

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