Random thoughts. Blocking Trump.


Lord knows I’m not in much of a position to give advice to the Democrats in Washington.

If I had any influence they would never have nominated the most flawed and distrusted candidate possible to take on and lose to someone so awful and equally, if not more, distrusted.

Shortly after the results came in I suggested that the Democrats follow the Republican and Tea Party playbook and be the Party of no for the next two or four years.

As I thought about it, talked with friends and relatives and looked at the data and concrete conditions, I have questions.

None of my questions have to do with the thousands of young people who have taken to the streets across the country against Trump.

They are courageous and inspiring.

None of my questions have to do with the teachers who have welcomed their students, no matter their religion or homeland, with promises of love and protection.

The Republicans showed that a minority in opposition can cause a lot of problems for the ruling party. They showed that they can even win back the White House and both houses of Congress.

On the other hand, there is not a robust left inside or outside the Democratic Party that can function as the Tea Party functioned in the Republican Party.

Yesterday I wrote that in bargaining with Trump it will be difficult to keep the racists and international conspirators likes of Steve Bannon separate from deals with Trump, as the headline in the New York Times suggested Democrats like Schumer were trying to do.

The Democrats must be pushed to be in opposition to Trumpism and any war planning, and racist, sexist or homophobic legislation that he and the GOP propose.

Trumpism must be blocked and frustrated at those points, in the street and in Congress.

But beating back the implementation of Trumpism requires tactics that split the Republicans, undermine Democrats who want to surrender and win back voters who went for Obama AND Trump.

And keep up the movement in the streets


Let’s talk.

But start by demanding that the racist Jeff Sessions never becomes head of  the Justice Department.

8 Replies to “Random thoughts. Blocking Trump.”

    1. You are wrong. I voted for Hillary and encouraged others to do so. My criticisms of Clinton and her wing of the Democratic Party have nothing to do with her emails. Take time, if you wish, to go back over my many posts on this election. It is important that when you comment you do so with some knowledge of what you are talking about, particularly when you make it personal. Otherwise it makes you look foolish and petty.

  1. There are some very wealthy, radically right folks in the camp of the clown. Robert Mercer is number one. He put Bannon and Kellyanne into the mix. Certainly had a hand in Sessions. Prob. had a hand in hacking the Dem party and Hillary since he is deep into technology. He certainly helped the russians at the very least. These .01%ers need to be brought into the light for everyone to see.

    And I wonder if some pain needs to be inflicted on folks by the insanity of the clown and his crew. Some people need to be taught a lesson or two or three. Of course the pain will also reach those who did not vote for the clown so I have not thought it all out yet. But the Dems who wrote to the clown really enraged me. HE should be bringing people together, not the losers. Dems need to figure out what went wrong and fix it but stand up to the insanity, even if it gets them nowhere. At least they would actually stand for something besides their own selves.

  2. Paul Krugman of the NYT says Trump and his gang want to kill Medicare. When will people learn?

    “During the campaign, Donald Trump often promised to be a different kind of Republican, one who would represent the interests of working-class voters who depend on major government programs. “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid,” he declared, under the headline “Why Donald Trump Won’t Touch Your Entitlements.”

    It was, of course, a lie. The transition team’s point man on Social Security is a longtime advocate of privatization, and all indications are that the incoming administration is getting ready to kill Medicare, replacing it with vouchers that can be applied to the purchase of private insurance. Oh, and it’s also likely to raise the age of Medicare eligibility…”

  3. Filibuster, filibuster, filibuster. Although the Republicans have threatened to nuke the filibuster, the Democrats should call their bluff and use it. If the Democrats roll over and play dead, the results will be SCOTUS judge appointments that are catastrophic. Once approved by the Senate, they will be there for decades.

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