John Dillon meets Our Revolution.

John Dillon

-By John Dillon. My good friend John can be read at Pension Vocabulary.

You’d have believed they were giving something away by the crowds that pushed into the North Central College Residence/Recreation Hall last night in Naperville.

In fact, they were – and it wasn’t just Independent Senator Bernie Sanders new book Our Revolution, which came with the price of the ticket.

Better than that, for a crowd of young and elderly tipping well over three thousand it was an opportunity to hear the Democratic runner-up’s advice about what to do after this election cycle setback.

Senator Sanders began by purposely avoiding the promotion of his book, and instead launched into an unscripted speech after an observation that “probably more than one or two of you have the election in your minds right now.”

The audience, sporting various styles and “Bernie” regalia responded in applause and moans. Sanders countered with reminding all of us of a song we might consider while we prepare ourselves for the fight ahead.  “Pete Seeger sang one of my favorite songs,” he proposed, “and I think you all know how it goes.”

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2 Replies to “John Dillon meets Our Revolution.”

  1. I went last night, & he didn’t push his book, but all who attended received a copy (included in the ticket price), & Part Two, 10 chapters of the book lay out “An Agenda for a New America: How We Transform Our Country.”
    Good advice for continued grassroots organizing (many or most of us already belong to action groups) from all of us. And, again, he urged people to run for local office–school board (like Fred’s high school buddy–was he elected, Fred?), trustee positions. township offices, village mayor, etc.
    And–very important–want to help stop election fraud/protect your votes in future elections?
    We need more people to monitor post-election audits this Monday-Wednesday. Contact Dr. Lora Chamberlain at (773) 486-7660.

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